BEST 35+ Lantern Festival Quotes & Sayings :: 26 FEB, 2021

Lantern Festival Quotes & Sayings that highlighted the significance of this festival. Why it is being celebrated and its importance? It is a Chinese festival celebrated every year in February or early March.

Lantern Festival Quotes

Lantern Festival is also known as the Yuan Xiao Festival that signifies the end of the Lunar New Year. It is observed as a holiday in China, also celebrated in other Asian countries, some parts of America.

Chinese lanterns were invented by the Eastern Han Dynasty, earlier days these lanterns are used to protect flames from windy air or bad weather, Chinese people also used to worship Buddha. Here we are providing you with quotes that signify the Lantern Festival.

Lantern Festival Quotes & Captions

  • It is not the man of great native talent who wins, but he who pushes his talent however small to its utmost capacity. – Carolyn Coats
  • As government grows beyond its constitutional boundaries, it really does devour freedom. – W. James Antle III
  • Life is great. It is a tremendous gift I look forward to unwrapping everyday. – Rashida Costa
  • Using your mouth rightly is a vital key that unlocks the blessings of salvation in your life! – Chris Oyakhilome
  • (about his terrible attempt at making a sandwich) It’s more difficult than it looks. (Artemis Fowl) – Eoin Colfer
  • Death by drink driving is the only socially acceptable form of homicide. – Candy Lightner
  • The important thing is to be drunk. – Chelsea Handler
  • Let me guess … ” said Mal. She popped a piece of candy into her mouth. “New class?” Doug nodded sheepishly. – Walt Disney Company
  • The measure of a decent human being is how he or she treats the defenseless. – Bill O’Reilly
  • There are accidents that last the whole life. – Albert Camus
  • I guess I had a suspicion of it my entire life without knowing exactly what it was – knowing that there was something different about me, which I attributed to being an artist. At 11 or 12 I started sort of clarifying for myself. It took a while. – Randy Harrison
  • To bring about the new takes not just a development of the old, but a radical leap forward – revolutionary and transforming – and that requires extra factors that were not present before. – Belsebuub
  • Greed is rightly considered a “deadly sin” because it erodes the moral values that encourage us to care for the common good. Greed violates the spirit of connectedness and community that is natural to human survival […] replacing this awareness with harmful self-centeredness. – Bell Hooks

Lantern Captions For Instagram

  • A lamp can only light another lamp when it continues to burn in its own flame.
  • A lantern can give you light only when you light it
  • A lantern glowing and stars looking down, and the sea smells blowing.
  • A lantern whose flames would forever erase even the most evanescent of her memory of being venomously orphaned.
  • A little town is like a lantern. Nothing’s hid from sight.
  • All darkness vanished, when I saw the Lamp within my heart.
  • Be a lamp to yourself. Be your own confidence. Hold on to the truth within yourself as to the only truth.
  • Be lamps unto yourselves; be your own confidence. Hold truth within yourselves.
  • Burnt a smoky lantern covered with soot, the porch smelt of the smouldering wick.
  • By the flickering lantern light when the birds are asleep you may catch a sight of old skinny-go-root.
  • Empty and dark shall I raise my lantern, and the guardian of the night shall fill it with oil and he shall light it also.
  • Even a single lamp dispels the deepest darkness.
  • Faith means living with uncertainty – feeling your way through life, letting your heart guide you like a lantern in the dark.
  • Holding its lantern o’er the restless surge.
  • I am out with lanterns, looking for myself.
  • If we are to have any hope for the future, those who have lanterns must pass them on to others.
  • If you light a lamp for somebody, it will also brighten your path.
  • If you light a lantern for another, it will also brighten your own way.
  • If you want a love message to be heard, it has got to be sent out. To keep a lamp burning, we have to keep putting oil in it.
  • I’ll just come forward in the lantern light and let you see.
  • In lantern light my yellow chrysanthemums lost all their color.
  • In the wonderful silence deep, By the flickering lantern light.
  • I’ve become a lantern bearer, lighting the path this country will take.
  • Lanterns are like a part of message we transmit to the sky.
  • Like a lamp, dispelling the darkness of ignorance
  • Lit a lantern of love through every vein of my persona.
  • My job was to be the lantern of unparalleled optimism to each uncontrollably shivering form.
  • Seeking for witch-gold lost long ago. By the glimmer of goblin lantern-light.

Best Lantern Quotes & Sayings

Lantern Festival Quotes & Sayings
  • Sometimes a lantern moves along the night, that interests our eyes.
  • Sometimes at night I light a lamp so as not to see.
  • Take a lantern, child, to light.
  • The lamp burns bright when wick and oil are clean.
  • The lamps are different, but the Light is the same. One matter, one energy, one Light, one Light-mind, endlessly emanating all things.
  • The lanterns filled the sky, pulsing with the harmonious light of fireflies, and a great host of ghosts departed from the earth to join them.
  • Through miles on weary miles of night that stretch relentless in my way. My lantern burns serene and white.
  • To use words to sense reality is like going with a lamp to search for darkness.
  • Under the cabin roof was one lantern. The reeds are heavy; bent; and the bamboos speak as if weeping.
  • Underneath the lantern’s glow, and a thrilling voice begins to the sound of mandolins?
  • Unintelligible language is a lantern without a light.
  • We should be shining lamps, giving light to all around us.
  • Where the lantern-light showed ’em arrived.
  • You are not one you are a Thousand. Just Light your Lantern.
  • Your humble light the fire of your mind blinds you: If you walk with a lantern in the dark you won’t see the stars.

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