81+ Cute Instagram Captions (Cute Quotes For Boyfriend & Girlfriend)

Beautiful pictures with meaning messages posted on any social site are always appreciated. You must check this out Cute Instagram Captions, the word has great power, they express your thoughts or feeling in writing.

We never underestimate the power of quotes, it makes a huge difference sometimes it makes a great impact on others. That’s why we have covered popular Instagram captions and Cute Quotes For Instagram by famous personalities, also have Cute Captions For Girlfriend On Instagram.

Cute Instagram Captions

As we all aware of the power of social media especially Instagram or Facebook. Tons of photos are being uploaded, then this article is for you, see Cute Captions For Pictures. There are millions of active users on these social sites. Some sort of activities people do on their social accounts.

If you are among those having huge followers on Instagram then it becomes your responsibility to post something interesting and meaning to others because online users are eagerly waiting for your post. If you shared something, which is not good enough to make your audience engaging, then you get an average response. If you shared a story or photos with captions on it, you can see the difference. Don’t you believe, try this once you will be amazed. I have compiled a great list of Cute Instagram Captions, Cute Birthday Captions and separate sections for Cute Captions For Boyfriend & girlfriend.

Cute Instagram Captions | Cute Captions

  • We all start as strangers.
  • Truth is, I’m crazy for you. And everyone can see that but you.
  • You make my heart skip a beat.
  • Together is a wonderful place to be.
  • I act like I’m ok, but I’m really not.
  • Stop looking for happiness in the same place you just lost it.
  • I want to be with you until my last page.
  • One smile can’t change the world, but your smile changes mine.
  • Don’t worry if you haven’t found your true love, they’re just with someone else right now.
  • Never cry for that person who doesn’t know the value of your tears.
  • If I die tomorrow, will you remember me?

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Cute Quotes For Instagram

You can’t blame gravity for falling in love. — Albert Einstein

Morning without you is a dwindled dawn. – Emily Dickinson

I know of only one duty, and that is to love. — Albert Camus

If you’re a bird, I’m a bird. — The Notebook

You are always new, the last of your kisses was ever the sweetest. — John Keats

True love stories never have endings. — Richard Bach

They invented hugs to let people know you love them without saying anything. — Bill Keane

If all I got is your hand in my hand, baby I could die a happy man. — Thomas Rhett

Love isn’t something you find. Love is something that finds you. — Loretta Young

Some people are worth melting for. — Frozen

Cute Captions For Couples Pictures

  • You can’t rush something you want to last forever.
  • Sometimes I can’t see myself when I’m with you. I can only just see you.
  • You’re my favorite hello and my hardest goodbye.
  • The peanut butter to my jelly.
  • Love is not perfect. This is what makes it perfect.
  • You are the compass that guides me in life.
  • Home is wherever I’m with you.
  • Two heads, one heart.
  • You wanna know who I’m in love with? Read the first word again.
  • Love assures us that we will never be alone.
  • I miss you like the deserts miss the rain!
  • My wife dresses to kill. She cooks the same way.
  • I want to be with you until my last page.

Cute Captions For Boyfriend

  • I’m willing to risk the cooties if you are.
  • I still love the people I’ve loved, even if I cross the street to avoid them. – Uma Thurman
  • In case you ever foolishly forget, I am not thinking about you.
  • A good boyfriend will never wanna change anything about you…except your last name. – Unknown
  • The tans might fade, but our summer memories will last forever.
  • The leaves might fall, but you’ll be in my heart forever.
  • Everybody has an addiction. Mine just happens to be you.
  • Sometimes I look at you and wonder how you can be so cute all the time.
  • My boyfriend is a thief. He stole my heart and I know I’m never going to get it back.
  • Every girl deserves a guy who can make her smile even when she doesn’t want to.
  • I love you like a cow loves not being a burger.

Cute Birthday Captions

  • There is no place like a birthday party!
  • Here’s to another great year!
  • Age is just a number.
  • I’ve decided you’re not old, you’re 25 plus shipping and handling.
  • Act my age? Maybe next year.
  • It’s my birthday, I can wine if I want to.
  • Happy Birthday to the man who makes my blood pressure rise. Love you always!
  • This is the year my dreams will come true.
  • I’m just here for the birthday cake.
  • You glow, birthday girl.

Cute Captions For Girlfriend On Instagram

Cute Captions For Girlfriend On Instagram
  • I love my eyes when you look into them. I love my name when you say it. I love my heart when you touch it. I love my life when you are in it.
  • I love this girl so much I could cry!
  • It’s like at that moment the whole universe existed just to bring us together.
  • You are the reason I am the way I am, happy and always smiling when I think about you.
  • I love you; I wrote it with no spaces so there’s no room for anyone else.
  • Can I borrow a kiss? I promise I will give it back.
  • Hey, I just met you, this is crazy.
  • I wasn’t looking for love, but she found me.
  • I Love you with all that I have, I have never loved another like this. You are all that I need.
  • People write love songs about girls like you.
  • You are looking gorgeous today just like every other day.
  • I want to be your favorite hello and your hardest goodbye.
  • I love you inside and out.
  • She wore wildflowers in her hair.
  • Let’s commit the perfect crime. I’ll steal your heart and you steal mine.
  • If you are Mine, You are Mine. I don’t like Sharing.
  • I want you, nothing else, just you.
  • I am so in love with you that there isn’t anything else.
  • Life is better when you’re laughing.
  • Facebook keeps asking me what’s on my mind? and honestly its always you.

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