121 Cutest Easter Instagram Captions for Couples & Friends 2023

You and your loved ones will find joy, peace, and happiness with Easter Instagram Captions. Here are some incredible Easter Day captions for couples you can share with friends.

Let us start with the importance of the Easter festival or Resurrection Sunday, one of the most important festivals for Christians. This year we celebrated it on 9 April 2023 on Sunday, 2023.

Cute Easter Instagram Captions for Couples

Christian communities majorly celebrate Easter Day because of the resurrection of Jesus from death. Resurrection or rebirth of the soul is believed to have been reborn of Jesus after death ( reawakening, return to life).

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People worldwide celebrate this Holy day, followed by a lent of 40 days in which fasting and prayers are done. We have compiled an exclusive list of Easter Day captions that can be shared with family & relatives. On this day, people visit churches and Offer prayers to Jesus.



During this Easter season, share your loved ones about your joy and feelings with Easter Day Images and wallpapers; also, have Easter Pictures of Jesus’ Resurrection. We celebrate Easter, The rebirth of the Jesus Christ founder, which was first celebrated as the Easter festival became the first of Christian beliefs.

The rebirth process made Jesus Christ a most powerful Son of God who had defeated death and risen from his grave. Generally, people celebrate Easter to welcome spring’s arrival. So on this Easter occasion, you can show your affection & care and love to your family and friends by sending them warm captions of Easter.

With an Easter egg and wishes, let others know how much you love them. As everyone knows that this festival is celebrated on the occasion of the Resurrection of Jesus, we have brought some rare and mind-boggling Easter Day Captions & Jesus Resurrection Pictures Images. This would be the best time to greet your dear and near ones. Christians’ major festival, “Easter”, is celebrated globally with great fervour. On Easter day, it’s about painting Easter eggs and celebrating the arrival of spring. It is the most celebrated festival after Happy Christmas. People crafted impressive paintings on eggs.

Also, several other activities across the United States, such as the Easter egg hunt, took place at various houses, and kids especially enjoyed this day very much. The whole season of Easter is celebrated as Lent, in which fasting and prayers are done. The church is beautifully decorated with white lilies; people visit and pray for the prosperity of their families. The 40-day period of Lent starts with Easter Sunday. During fasting, people avoid their favourite food, entertainment, etc.; they wholeheartedly dedicate these days to Jesus Christ.

Cute Easter Instagram Captions

So, here we have gathered a handpicked collection of awesome Happy Easter wishing captions containing beautiful captions and quotes with images which is the best way to greet someone.

Cute Easter Instagram Captions
  • Time for the bunny hop.
  • Using the eggs-press lane today.
  • Don’t worry, be hoppy.
  • For Peep’s sake!
  • I carrot even.
  • Putting all of my eggs in one basket.
  • Show me the bunny.
  • You’re a good egg.
  • I’m egghausted!
  • Chick magnet.
  • No bunny loves you like I do!
  • My favorite Peeps.

Cute Easter Captions for Instagram

Cute Easter Captions for Instagram
  • Happy Easter to all my Peeps!
  • Chocolate bunnies and red wine, what more could I want?
  • Hope your Easter is egg-stra special!
  • Here’s to a hoppin’ good spring!
  • Ears hoping you have a hoppy Easter!
  • Chocolate for breakfast? Sign me up.
  • Easter always puts a little spring in my step.
  • We’re only friends if you have chocolate.
  • I hid all the chocolate in my tummy.
  • I’m such a good egg.

Funny Easter Captions for Instagram

Funny Easter Captions for Instagram
  • Hope you have an egg-stra special Easter!
  • How do I like my eggs? Uhm, in chocolate form.
  • I’m a Peep magnet.
  • Easter: the only time it’s OK to put all of your eggs in one basket.
  • Can’t you tell how egg-cited I am?!
  • Follow the bunny. He has the chocolate.
  • I feel hollow inside. Like this chocolate bunny.
  • I’m having a good hair day.
  • I’m the cutest chick I know.


Easter Festival becomes special if you use these captions to greet your loved ones and also spread the message of Jesus Christ through social channels Instagram, WhatsApp or Facebook Status.

The celebrations of Easter Sunday are very grand and the best thing that can show the real celebration and joy of this amazing festival is Images.

Easter Quotes for Instagram
  • ” Have a happy, peaceful, and fun Easter filled with marshmallows, jelly beans & chocolate !!”
Easter Day Quotes
  • ” May you have a pleasant Easter!! May Jesus bless you immensely on this auspicious occasion. “
easter day sunday hd images
  • ” Joining you in gratitude for Christ’s sacrifice and the joyful renewal it brings to all God’s children this Easter season!!”
Happy Easter Day captions
  • ” Easter gives hope for tomorrow, As after the winter comes Spring. Our hearts can be filled with gladness, As hearts rejoice and sing.”
Easter Captions Instagram
  • ” May the risen lord will your heart with compassion, joy, love and never-ending bliss – Happy Easter to you all. “

Easter Captions Instagram

Easter Captions Instagram
  • Live life in full bloom.
  • Somebunny loves you.
  • Wishing you all a hoppy Easter.
  • Some bunny needs chocolate.
  • Hippity, hoppity Easter’s on its way!
  • I’ve got the Easter Bunny on speed dial.
  • All my favorite holidays revolve around chocolate.
  • Ears hoping you have a happy Easter!
  • I’ve been a good egg this year.
  • Cheesin’ because I finally have some spring in my step.
  • Full bloom.
  • Happy Easter from me and my Peeps.
  • I’m a chick magnet.

Easter Quotes For Instagram

Easter Quotes For Instagram
  • Eggheads gotta stick together.
  • Without you, I’d go off the Peep end.
  • Have a hoppy Easter!
  • Filling my Easter basket with joy and lots of chocolate.
  • The best Easter is one spent with your Peeps.
  • Bunny kisses and Easter wishes.
  • Living life in full bloom.
  • Some-bunny loves you!
  • Why did the Easter egg hide? He was a little chicken.
  • Wishing everyone an egg-stra special Easter!
  • Spending Easter with the cutest chicks I know.
  • Nothing is better than a friend unless it’s a friend with chocolate.
  • Cute chick.
  • Some-bunny needs some chocolate.
  • Total chick magnet.

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Instagram Easter Captions

Instagram Easter Captions
  • Old yolks can still have a hoppin’ good Easter!
  • When life gives you lemons, throw them back and ask for chocolate.
  • Considering Easter my official excuse to eat chocolate for every meal.
  • Ears hoping you have a very hoppy Easter!
  • Every-bunny needs some-bunny sometimes.
  • Dyed eggs, full hearts, can’t lose.
  • When life gives you lemons, throw it back and ask for chocolate.
  • How old is too old to participate in an egg hunt? Asking for a friend.
  • A balanced diet is chocolate in both hands.
  • I’m great at hiding chocolate…in my stomach.
  • Here’s to wishing we all learn how to turn water into wine.

Best Easter Instagram Captions

Best Easter Instagram Captions
  • Follow the bunny, he has the chocolate.
  • Hippy, Hoppity, Easter’s on its way!
  • Silly Rabbit, Easter is for Jesus.
  • Here comes Peter Cotton Tail.
  • Happy Easter! Happy Spring! Happy happy everything!
  • Always say yes to chocolate for breakfast.
  • It’s Easter, for Peeps sake!
  • (Cad)bury me in chocolate.
  • I hope you have an eggcellent Easter!
  • Here’s to an egg-stra special Easter!
  • Get egg-cited, its Easter!
  • I didn’t think I’d post an Easter pic. Yolks on you.
  • Sweet eggs-cape.
  • You crack me up!
  • Some bunny loves you.
  • Show me the bunny!
  • With some bunny special.
  • No bunny loves you like Jesus!

Easter Celebration Summary

Lastly, let’s celebrate this wonderful festival, “Easter Day”, by sharing Easter Captions with our friends and family. Thank you, and may this Easter bring you happiness and prosperity.


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