70+ League of Legends Pick Up Lines and Rizz

Take your flirting to the next level with these LoL-inspired League of Legends Pick Up Lines (& Puns). League of Legends is a popular multiplayer online battle game that has been entertaining millions of gamers (players) worldwide.

Obviously, this game has inspired a plethora of funny and charming pick-up lines. Check out the best League of Legends pick up lines and Rizz from Reddit, & Tinder to show off your knowledge.

League Of Legends Pick Up Lines

How to Use These Pick-Up Lines?

Now you have plenty of League of LOL pickup lines, it’s important to know how to use them. Don’t take yourself too seriously, and just use these to make things a little interesting or funny.

Don’t forget to customize these pickup lines by considering the taste of the person you’re talking to. For example, if you know that they’re a Lux main, you could say something like, Are you a Lux main? Because your radiance is blinding.

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Top 10 League of Legends Pick Up Lines

To impress your crush and show off your love for League of Legends, here are some pick-up lines you can use:

  • Are you a Yasuo main? Because you’ve swept me off my feet.
  • Are you an Ezreal player? Because you stole my heart with your charm.
  • Are you a Katarina main? Because you’ve got me spinning in circles.
  • Are you a Teemo player? Because you’re making my heart race.
  • Are you a Janna main? Because you’re the wind beneath my wings.
  • Are you a Draven player? Because you’re my soulmate, and my axes always come back to me.
  • Are you a Thresh main? Because you’ve hooked me.
  • Are you a Lux player? Because you’re a shining star in my eyes.
  • Are you a Nami main? Because you’re the catch of my life.
  • Are you a Tryndamere player? Because my heart stops beating when you’re near.

League Of Legends Pick Up Lines

  • Are you an AD carry Because I’m fired up and ready to serve.
  • Are you Ahri cause you’re charming.
  • Are you an AD carry Because I’m fired up and ready to serve.
  • Are you Cassiopeia Because when I stare at you I get hard.
  • Are you Orianna Because you can play with my balls.
  • Are you Yasuo Cuz you hasakey to my heart?
  • Can I invade your jungle?
  • Can I put my Doran blade in your Doran ring?
  • Can I tap your dark spheres
  • Damn girl, you must be Shyvana, cause you’re on fire.
  • Damn, if being sexy was a crime, I’d have to call Sherif Caitlyn because you’re guilty as charged.
  • Did I mention its mating season
  • Do you main Ahri Because I find you charming.
  • Even if you were Singed I would still chase after you.
  • Fear not im coming.
  • For only $2.95 a minute, I will leave you breathless.
Trending League Of Legends Pick Up Lines
  • Girl you turn my blasting wand into a needlessly large rod.
  • Girl you’re like Draven – spinning me around town.
  • Girl, are you Irelia Because I want to nerf you so hard.
  • Girl, are you Nunu Because on a scale of one to ten, you’re an ABSOLUTE ZERO.
  • Girl, is your name Ashe Because your beauty stunned me from a distance!
  • Girl, want to play League of Legends, I have a gaming station in my room tonight, just us.
  • Girl, your body is OP.
  • Hello dere.
  • Hey babe, lemme destroy your inhibitor.
  • Hey babe. I bought the double penetration runes.
  • Hey, baby is your name Taric because you stunned me from a mile away.
  • Hey baby, I’m always on duty.
  • Hey girl, wanna come back to my base and check out my Needlessly Large Rod
  • Hey girl, you must be Ahri because you charmed me over here.
  • I have heard that you really like diamonds and I bet you that I am already a diamond at LOL.

Best League Of Legends Pick Up Lines

  • I think your name must be Janna because you seem to be really good at blowing me away.
  • I wish I’d worn my Mercury’s Treads because you just stunned me.
  • I’m like Shaco, baby. I do it best from behind.
  • I’d like to put my mushroom in your bush.
  • If we play League of Legends, I want to be your mouse so that you and I would click really well.
  • If you were a Tidecaller I’d be your blessing.
  • If you’re Nannie I’ll be your tribbers.
  • I’m not sorry that I left my fuzzy cuffs at home
  • Is your father Ziggs Because you are a bomb.
  • Is your name Annie Because I just got First Blood.
  • Is your name Janna Because you blow me away.
  • Is your name Yorick Because Evanescence isn’t the only one who brings me to life
  • It’s not fun unless you run.
  • Lemme show you a double rainbow.

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Pick Up Lines League Of Legends

Pick Up Lines League Of Legends
  • Once you go Demacian you never go back, I Garen – tee it.
  • Wanna fiddle with my stick.
League of Legends Pick Up Lines Reddit
  • Wanna know why Roger’s all jolly.
  • Wanna solo my Baron
  • We can name our kid Janna if you want and I bet she will blow the brains out of guys later on.
Funny League of Legends Pick Up Lines
  • Will you be the Ezreal to my Taric?
  • Will you be willing to carry me to bed like you would carry other characters in LOL, darling
Dirty League of Legends Pick Up Lines
  • You Ignite the inside of my pants.
  • You know, if Ezreal saw you, he’d need a map. He’d get lost in your eyes.
  • You make me feel like cho. I just want to feast in your bush.
Cheesy League of Legends Pick Up Lines
  • You must be used to stealing souls because you’re fully stacked.
  • You need a rod and I have a large one, you can use it any time that you want, just clean it up.
  • Your Cho is so enormous!
Flirtiest League of Legends Pick Up Lines
  • Your name must be Sona because you just made me Crescendo.

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