Top 40 Mustache Captions For Instagram in 2024 (With Puns)

Mustache Captions For Instagram: Why Are They So Popular? Having a stylish mustache and a beard enhances a man’s overall personality.

There was a time when only a few people used to have beards & long mustaches. But over time, fashion has also changed nowadays keeping a stylish Beard is a trend.

People with Mustache and well-trimmed beards look charming. Everyone, young or old, is doing anything to grow their mustaches; for some people, it will be an add-on factor to their Personality.

Mustache Captions For Instagram

Mustaches are not just a fashion; it’s a kind of men’s jewel that gives charms to men’s Personalities, just like jewelry adds beauty to women’s. It is often seen that girls like boys with dense beards.

Then check out the Beard and Mustache Status on Facebook and Instagram if you want to look impressive and stylish. Scroll down to see captions that fit your mustache photos.

Mustache Captions For Instagram

  • A man without a mustache is a man without a soul. – Confucius
  • A Mustache is a gift you give your face.
  • A Mustache is like a crown for your face.
  • A mustache defines your face. My dad had a mustache when I was growing up, and I can still remember when he shaved it, he looked like a completely different person. – Jason Sudeikis
  • Busy with Mustache.
  • Excuse the pun, but I mustache you a question
  • I don’t work out much but my Mustache lifts hearts.
  • I had a mustache when I was 13. (moustache captions)
  • I had beautiful wavy hair and a waxed mustache.
  • I Like Men with Mustaches.
  • I will say, as a woman when you put a mustache on, you find out a lot of things about yourself. – Carrie Brownstein
  • It’s a man thing.
  • Keep calm and Mo long
  • Life is like a mustache. It can be wonderful or terrible, but it always tickles.
  • May the mustache be with you.
  • Maybe if your aunt had a Mustache, she’d be your uncle.
  • A mustache and moustache are two different things.
  • Mustaches make Guy Hotter.
  • Short Mustache looks cute.
  • Sometimes a milk mustache is just a milk mustache.
  • The world is full of guys, be a man by keeping a mustache.
  • The Yankees have strict rules. You can have a mustache but no other facial hair.
  • Things get old not a Mustache.
  • What did the man say to the tiny grey hair growing on his mustache All this time, you were growing right under my nose

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Mustache Instagram Captions

  • Bold and badass.
  • Don’t be jealous dude, use Mustache oil.
  • Don’t get bored with your Mustache.
  • Don’t like my Mustache That’s ok, I didn’t grow it for you.
  • Falling in love with my own Mustache.
  • Feel the heart feel the Mustache.
  • Great ideas are born from a Mustache stroke.
  • Have you ever shaved your head.
  • Having a Mustache needs care.
  • I have the Mustache. Therefore, I make the rules.
  • I love to shave my head but not my face.
  • I wanna tell you a great mustache joke but I’m worried I’ll stubble over my words
  • Moustache or Mustache. DECIDE..
  • Mustache’ it’s a statement.
  • Mustaches are said to increase social status.
  • Never shave your Mustache.
  • This Mustache is great, I grew it so must-fast.
  • What type of mustache does a biker grow A handlebar mustache
  • Which snack has a great mustache A pi-stach-io

Instagram Captions for Mustache

  • A man doesn’t grow a Mustache, a Mustache grows a man.
  • A mustache is like a bow tie for your face.
  • Beautiful women have curves and real men have Mustaches
  • Bright face with Dark Mustache.
  • Classy look, classy Mustache, classy style, classy personality.
  • Gear your Mustache.!.
  • Grow it while you can mo it
  • Hey guys, what’s growing on
  • It’s gonna get LIT
  • Kissing a man without a Mustache is like drinking champagne without bubbles.
  • Life is better with a Mustache.
  • Long live the Mustache.
  • Men don’t cry for oiling their Mustache.
  • Men who don’t have a Mustache is not a man.
  • Men without Mustache are not actually a man.
  • Mustache needs lots of care to maintain.
  • Never know the reason of my long Mustache.
  • Say no to razors, say yes to oiling.
  • Sometimes Mustache decides your personality.
  • The only reason to shave your Mustache is the joy of growing it again.
  • Time is measured in days, weeks, and Mustaches.
  • With a great Mustache comes great opportunities.

Funny Mustache Captions For Instagram

  • Nature played a cruel trick on her by giving her a waxed mustache. – Alan Bennett
  • Shave your distractions to success, not your mustache.
  • There are some women out there who are just going to look better with a mustache that’s statistics. – Caitlin Moran
  • With great mustache comes great responsibility.

Mustache Puns For Instagram Captions

  • Been ‘staching away my Movember motivation
  • Bro-stache
  • Can you shave it for later if it’s not hairy important
  • Don’t bash the ‘stache
  • Don’t forget to shave the date! It’s Movember 1st
  • Feeling fan-stach-tic
  • Hair today, gone tomorrow
  • I have a great mustache pun, but I forgot it. I guess it shaved for later
  • I wish you were hair
  • I’m sexy and I grow it
  • Just grow with the flow
  • May ‘stache be with you
  • Mustache love never ends, it only grows
  • The Movember mustache never skips anyone. It grows continuously.
  • What grows along, goes along
  • You can’t just shave your problems away; you must-ache face them head-on.


Classy Mustache Quotes for Instagram

Classy Mustache Quotes
  • Don Basilio was a forbidding-looking man with a bushy mustache who did not suffer fools and who subscribed to the theory that the liberal use of adverbs and adjectives was the mark of a pervert or someone with a vitamin deficiency. – Carlos Ruiz Zafon
  • Have a care how you speak to me, Imp. Doubtless, he meant to sound threatening, but that absurd wisp of a mustache ruined the effect. – George R. R. Martin
  • I can’t say that I haven’t done some bad acting in my time. I have. Usually, that involves what we actors call ‘indicating,’ when you twirl your mustache. – Billy Campbell
  • My wit is more polished than your mustache. The truth which I speak strikes more sparks from men’s hearts than your spurs do from the cobblestones. – Edmond Rostand
  • My wit is sharper than the finest mustache, and when I walk among men I make truths ring like spurs. – Edmond Rostand
  • When the jelly-faced women all sneeze, hear the one with the mustache say I can’t find my knees. – Bob Dylan

Proud Mustache Quotes

  • A mustache to a man is the same as a fringe is to a woman. When you’ve got it, you want to grow it out; when you’ve grown it out, you want to cut it. – Billy Childish
  • As he drank, little brown drops of coffee clung to his mustache like dew. Men will live like billy goats if they are let alone. – Charles Portis
  • I go home and stay there. I wash and scrub up each day, and that’s it. One month I grew a mustache, just so I could say that I’d done something. – Bill Murray
  • I think I’ve become the go-to mustache man. It works in period pieces. Modern-day mustaches are probably creepy. But I get compliments – everyone’s like, ‘Wow, love the ‘stache, dude. – Jack Huston
  • I’m an actor, in particular, who likes to have a mask or something that can help me distance myself from the character. Like the mustache or an accent. – Corey Stoll
  • If most people wanted to be incognito, they put on a fake beard or mustache. If I wanted to I’d just shave mine off. – Jeff Foxworthy

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