Super Amazing 79+ Netflix Captions For Instagram Photos, & Subtitles!

Netflix is ​​an online streaming service, customers can subscribe to it and watch their favorite shows including award-winning TV shows, movies, web series, documentaries, etc. So we have assembled Netflix captions for every photo you click & share on social media.

You can watch it anytime on your Mobile Phone, Computer, Laptop, or Smart TV.

Netflix Captions

Netflix started in 1997 in Scotts Valley, California, the first two television shows were broadcast by entrepreneurs Marc Randolph & Rid Hastings. Over the years, it becomes so popular among customers, also included in the list of top 10 OTT platforms in the world.

When Netflix started, it was purely a website-based movie rental service provider used to rent DVDs online to all their customers, watching DVDs and sending them to Netflix via post.

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If you are a regular Netflix subscriber & watching your shows daily basis. We have come up with some amazing Funny Captions while Watching favorite Netflix programs, share these pictures along with relevant captions on them.

Netflix Captions

  • Biggest lie I tell myself: Just one more Netflix episode
  • Binge and snap
  • Comin real, it’s the next episode…
  • Fifty shades of Grace and Frankie
  • Friday night vibes = Netflix, pizza, & leggings
  • How would Elvira run the state of California? Well, there isn’t much I could do that is worse than what Arnold Schwarzenegger has done. Running it into the damn ground. If I was running the whole nation? I would have free Netflix movies for everyone.
  • I do marathons…on Netflix
  • I dont have a television. All I have is Netflix and Apple TV and Hulu.
  • I don’t really watch a lot of TV, to be honest. I’m more of a movie girl, or I Netflix stuff.
  • I have two or three shows that I follow, and even those are few and far, when I can see them on Netflix. I don’t really watch anything on TV. It’s not really a priority for me.
  • I immediately said yes for one reason and one reason only….Netflix rhymes with Wet Chicks,
  • I love watching Netflix while eating brunch because I enjoy all the yolks.
  • I woke up thinking Netflix was gone, but it was only a bad stream.
  • I’ve been watching Netflix while picking up my apartment because I love having a clean Kondo.
  • I’d rather be with Netflix
  • If I need romance, that’s what Netflix is for.
  • I’m thankful for Netflix for allowing me to consume TV the same way I do alcohol and ice cream

Netflix Instagram Captions

  • In Russia, they stream tv on Nyet-flix.
  • My Bed, My Snacks, My Netflix And My Naps
  • My dog and I are cuddled up watching Petflix
  • Namastay in bed with Netflix
  • Netflix & naps
  • Netflix and Chinchilla
  • Netflix is my boyfriend
  • Netflix, nachos, & naps – repeat
  • Nothing compares to You.
  • Relationship status: Netflix and sweatpants
  • That documentary was weird, but I saved some even Stranger Things to watch later.
  • We binge right in.
  • We live in an age now where so many people watch movies based on what Netflix recommends. It learns your taste and they really understand viewer habits.
  • We went on Netflix for a date. We met up on Avenue Queue.
  • Weekends are for Netflix and long walks to the fridge
  • Whenever I’m sick, I like to Netflix and chills.
  • Witcher way are you going?
  • You don’t know Bojack.
  • You had me at Netflix and chill

Funny Captions for Watching Netflix

  • Home is where my Netflix and bed is
  • I do marathons… Netflix marathons
  • My neck, my back, my Netflix and my snacks
  • Netflix and chill zone
  • Netflix doesn’t care if you showered or not
  • Netflix gives you fifteen seconds between episodes to decide if you’re doing anything with your life today
  • Netflix is so insecure sometimes. Yes I’m still here.
  • Sorry, I have plans with Netflix
  • Training for a Netflix marathon
  • You’re the Netflix to my Saturday nights

Netflix Quotes

Netflix Quotes
  • For me, personally, I watch pretty much everything on Netflix, and I watch all the episodes in a row, when I can. – Laura Prepon
  • I dont watch a lot of T.V. I only watch things via Netflix, so I only watch the things that Im choosing to watch. – Gaby Hoffmann
  • I guess I can’t live without Netflix because I would have nothing to do. All I do is sit home and watch movies. – Sara Paxton
  • I just got an iPhone, which is cool, but I don’t download movies, I don’t watch Hulu, I don’t have Netflix. I don’t do any of that. But I do geek out to music. – Miles Teller
  • I’m breathing out of my mouth and thinking things I have only seen on Netflix in the foreign-movie section. – Tara Brown
  • It is clear that for many of our members two websites would make things more difficult, so we are going to keep Netflix as one place to go for streaming and DVDs. – Reed Hastings
  • Netflix is amazing ’cause they trust the creator to do their job, and they trust us to do our job. They’re really smart and just let us do our thing and deliver a great job. – Laura Prepon
  • Netflix is something I watch. – Famke Janssen
  • Our brand at Netflix is really focused on movies and TV shows. – Reed Hastings
  • The idea of a streaming service, like Netflix for music, I’m not totally against it. It’s just we won’t put all of our music on it until there are enough subscribers for it to make sense. – Patrick Carney
  • The problem with binge-watching on Netflix is that you lose three days of your life. – Harland Williams
  • We need Netflix. We in the independent sector more than anybody need Netflix, because they care about what we do. – Harvey Weinstein
  • With each project, I’m going for something that makes viewers think, ‘Wow, I’ve never seen a film like this before,’ and later think, ‘Wow, I’ve only seen a film like this once before. I saw it in theaters and am watching it now on Netflix or a similar streaming service.’ – Kathryn Bigelow

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