40+ Parrot Captions for Instagram Enthusiasts: Chirpy Vibes!

Express Your Love for Parrots with Chirpy Captions. Share Your Passion for These Colorful Birds with Fun and Lively Parrot Captions for Instagram Posts!

Parrots are beautiful and colorful birds belonging to the Psittacidae family. In our previous post, we discussed Bunny; here, we have compiled funny parrot captions for Instagram; you guys enjoyed exploring it.

Let me take you through some astonishing facts about the colorful bird “Parrot.” Do you know Parrots can live up to 100 years? Parrots are the only bird capable of Mimicking Human Speech, the world’s smallest Parrot is 3 Inches Long, and Parrot can weigh up to 7 Pounds & more.

Adorable Parrot Captions for Instagram Pictures 2022

In America, Parrot has become the people’s favorite pet after dogs, fish, & cats. They are in demand for their captivating colors and acrobatic antics. More than 350 known species in 92 genera globally.

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Parrot Captions for Instagram

  • Always remember to share your potatoes with parrots.
  • Instagram captions that trigger the viewers to love parrots.
  • Are you a parrot of a fish…? Let them see.
  • Bob, we’re both lucky to be parrot owners.
  • Do this it’ll change your life/ Not kidding.
  • Having a parrot as a best friend does not just own one; it’s like.
  • Hello, I’m a parrot. Can you see me calling…?
  • I love my parrot so much, and I got this shirt.
  • I love parrots too and their bright colors…! Toucan play…?
  • I never really liked birds, but I can’t get enough of them if we’re talking about parrots.
  • I’m a parrot, and I’m obsessed with my perch.
  • It’s a parrot party.
  • Lots of parrot-specific love from the pet store.
  • Parrots love the suet cakes from wild birds unlimited. We love the cool, crisp weather because there are lots of seeds and suet for them to munch on.
  • Parrots seriously love birds.
  • So let’s do everything we can to keep Parrots in the Sunlight.
  • We can’t get any satisfaction. We want to fly high on a tropical smoothie and live forever in the sun with our gorgeous parr
  • When you feel like your parrot is the only one who understands you.
  • Who doesn’t love parrots?
  • You are traveling in style with a parrot on your shoulder.

Cute Parrot Captions

  • You can eat a parrot buffet.
  • And parrots make the best pets.
  • Are you a parrot person or an owl person…?
  • Dance with me, Dance with me.
  • If the parrots don’t fall in love with you.
  • If you’re still asking yourself, Should I get a parrot…?
  • Parrots seriously love birds.
  • So ready for this new season that’s upon parrots.
  • The parrots are seriously loving pets.
  • These parrots seriously love their pets.
  • This parrot needs an acapella group ASAP.
  • We are in love with this parrot whiskey and Rolly, two of our favorite pets ever.
  • We know, we know, but really have you ever met an evil parrot…?
  • We may have a new favorite pet.
  • We’re not kids anymore, but our parrots don’t care.
  • What are your plans with your parrot today?
  • What do parrots like to eat…?
  • You better have your parrot on hand at all times, just in case.
  • You cannot help but smile when around a parrot.

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Parrot Instagram Captions

  • A lady just met a parrot, and now she is his slave.
  • Abigail: I can’t seem to get you parrots to stop talking about us.
  • Always remember to share your potatoes with parrots.
  • BIG MISTAKE The parrot did not make it.
  • Dance with me, Dance with me. #parrots #pets
  • Don’t change for anybody else #parrots #funny
  • Glowing with color and life, this tropical parrot is the perfect reminder that it’s time to get away from it all.
  • I believe in you, Mr. Edgar (Picture of a parrot saying hi)
  • I don’t always post on Twitter, but when I do, people aren’t funny enough.
  • I got this amazing blue feather parrot book on the way! Soooo excited to read it
  • If at first, you don’t succeed, you’re parrot.
  • If the parrots don’t fall in love with you…you won’t be here! #parrotsareaspirationalpets
  • It isn’t the size of your boat that matters, it’s the motion of your ocean
  • Maybe I should get a new perspective on life – Pico de Gallo#iknowdadjokes
  • Presenting the best in Amazon parrot-sitting…
  • These birds seriously love these flowers!
  • What happened to my burrito *worried emoji*
  • When you can’t choose whether to laugh or cry  #fail #funnytexts

Parrot Love Captions for IG

  • Amazing things happen when you have no expectations. #betterwithbirds
  • Are you a parrot person or an owl person?
  • Cheers to the best of parrot life, hand-picked by the Strutt
  • Current mood: this is pretty chill. I don’t mind it.
  • Happy World Parrot Day- you guys.
  • Honestly, I’m not a real bird.
  • I’m the most handsome and pretty parrot in the world.
  • My parrot can speak
  • Okay, they might not be able to talk yet…but that doesn’t mean they don’t have opinions!
  • Parrots bless us with their presence to remind us that we are here to laugh. #thirdeyeparrot
  • The beauty of the (parrot) world lies in all of us.
  • These parrots are serious… personalities.
  • We need more parrot tattoos in this world.
  • We’re not parrots but we do have a thing for bright colors #feelingfestive #parrotlover
  • What are your plans with your parrot today?
  • What happens when you have a parrot that is smarter than the average? He comes up with a plan.
  • Your inner parrot tells you it needs a long and loving scratch on the back.  So scratch that parrot!

Funny Parrot Captions for Instagram

  • Aw, shucks. Lookit, all that cute stuff on your screen right now.
  • Cutest little parrot you’ve ever seen…
  • Have you ever seen a parrot with the power to change its color?
  • Hello, we are… bird-brained. #mayimbeabird
  • I beg whenever I’m out of sight. #macawlife RAWR! *wink*
  • I was told that fun is in the details… and I decided to be a parrot while writing this caption.
  • I’m afraid our avian veterinarian is just faking it until there’s actually a parrot on his shoulder.
  • It’s just right. #parrotsarelovelypets
  • So they’re the best friends someone could have. A parrot to help you chill out.
  • Some of life’s best moments are random, unplanned things like finding a new perch!
  • SQUAWK! ……………………………………………………………………. OK, I’ll stop.
  • We know, we know. But really, have you ever met an evil parrot?
  • We searched parrot cages for you, but these were so cute, we couldn’t pass them up.
  • What did your parrot have for breakfast? A cup of nuts and bolts! #parrot #petcafe #downtown #RVA
  • What do parrots like to eat?
  • Who knew parrots could be so fluffy?
  • Y’all know a bird’s got jokes *rolls eyes and falls out of chair*

Parrot Quotes for Instagram

Parrot Quotes for Instagram
  • A caption for a pet store or bird pet
  • Always remember to share your potatoes with parrots.
  • An Instagram caption that triggers the viewers to love parrots.
  • Because if one parrot is good, then a bunch of these guys just hanging out is awesome.
  • Every girl needs a girlfriend like you. You make my squawk look good!
  • Flowers are red, violets are blue, parrots are green, and what’s up with you?
  • Hey, guess what! I’m not actually on any drugs.
  • Hope you are having a parrot day and a beautiful day.
  • If you stay in your shell too much, you’ll miss out on more fun than most turtles.
  • Just parroting some Pretty Parrot Pun Stuff ._.
  • Ok, I’ll channel my inner Samuel L. Jackson and let you have it. #parrotlife
  • Okay, we swear we didn’t train our parrots to say, Hello Millennials. But it almost sounds like they did.
  • Red parrots are the most intelligent birds on planet Earth. It’s a fact. Not an opinion.
  • WE ARE A FRIENDLY BOOPING BIRD #theparrotproject #parrotsarefriendly
  • We may have a new favorite pet #parrotsofinstagram
  • What an awesome day to be a parrot! #itsfridayfeeling
  • When you’re not a morning person, but you’re a morning bird. #funny #cute

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