44+ Pick Up Lines for a Phone Number: Sure to Make Her Blush!

In a situation when you ask a girl for her phone number, then use these Pick up lines for a phone number to show your sense of humor to grab the attention. These will help create a memorable moment that will make her more likely to remember you and your conversation.

Pick Up Lines For A Phone Number

Catchy lines can be fun and is a perfect way to get a girl’s attention and use sensibly to make her feel special. It can also help make a memorable moment that will help her remember you and what you talked about.

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Sometimes these phone numbers pick up lines are a sure way to get a date, when it’s used correctly, they can be a wonderful method. So, if you want to impress a girl and get her phone number, don’t be afraid & try these clever and funny pickup lines to get her attention.

Pick Up Lines For A Phone Number

  • Did I tell you I’m writing a book? It’s a phone book and it’s missing your number.
  • A fortune-teller told me you’ll give me your number tonight. Was she right?
  • Can I get your number? Because I like you a latte.
  • Do you want to get my number or do you want me to cry?
  • Error 404: Your number is not found on my phone.
  • Hey, can I get your number so I can use you as an alibi?
  • Hey, can I have your fake number? I’m trying reverse psychology tonight.
  • Hey, can I put you on my emergency contact list?
  • Hey, do you wanna hear my text tone? Just message me and you’ll see how great it is.
  • Hey. I just met you, and this is crazy, but here’s my number, so call me maybe?
  • How can I plan our wedding without having your number?
  • How do you expect me to shamelessly flirt with you all night when I don’t have your number yet?
  • I bet my number is better than yours. Do you want to hear it?
  • I could’ve sworn I had your number. You’re going to have to put it in my phone again.
  • I guess you are not the bride. Let me have your number.
  • I make six digits, but I want your seven digits.
  • I must have a neurodegenerative disease because I’ve forgotten your number, cutie.
  • I’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse. You give me your phone number and I give you mine.
  • I’m not a photographer, but I can definitely picture your number on my phone.
  • If you don’t give me your number, you’ll miss out on my seducing skills. Yes, I’m talking about my bad pick-up lines as well.
  • If you give me your number, I promise I’ll give you mine right back.
  • If you had the same amount of money as your phone number, how much would that be?
  • Is it true that you are from China? Because I’m China get your number.
  • It’s really hard for me to plan our first date if I don’t have your number.
  • My drunk texts are hysterical. Want me to send you some?
  • Norway are you leaving without giving me your number!
  • So, are you going to give me your number, or am I going to have to stalk you?
  • That skeleton over there said he’d get your number for me, but he didn’t have the guts, so here I am.
  • This sounds crazy but I need your number like I need my next breath.
  • Tonight, I’m on a hunt for your number.
  • When I text you goodnight later, what number should I use?
  • You shall not pass until you give me your number.
  • You want to hear a crazy secret? I’ve never sexted before! Do you mind teaching me?
  • You’re under arrest for not giving me your number.

Phone Number Pick Up Lines

  • The only thing wrong with my phone’s newest update is that it didn’t come with your number in it.
  • Are you going to give me your number or should I ask Siri to find it for me?
  • Do you believe in giving your number to someone at first sight—or should I walk by again?
  • Don’t mean to be Russian, but would it be Sochieesy if I ask for your number.
  • Don’t sail on until you give me your digits.
  • Excuse me, there has been a heartbreak incident and I need your number to solve it.
  • Help! I need your number in my long-term memory.
  • Hey baby! I won’t let you go until you give me your phone number.
  • Hi, I’m writing a phone book, can I have your number?
  • I can’t remember my number. Can I please have yours instead?
  • I lost my phone. Would you mind calling it real quick?
  • I wish I had your number, so I could’ve invited you on a date last night.
  • I’m an umpire – give me your number so I can make the call.
  • I’m winning this race to get your number. Are you game?
  • I’ve got my phone, and you have your phone number… imagine the possibilities.
  • If you give me your number, I promise to spam you with pictures of cute puppies on a daily basis.
  • Let me make you a deal. You kiss me and I give you my number.
  • Roses are red, violets are blue, tulips are cute, can I have your number?
  • This iPhone has everything… except your number.
  • Will you give me your number or will you let me spend the whole night guessing the digits?
  • Your phone is nice, but it would be even nicer if it had my name on your contact list.

Pick Up Lines For Getting Number

Pick Up Lines For Getting Number
  • Want to play a game? Winner gets the loser’s phone number.
  • Can I get your number so I can phone you? Pun intended!
  • Can I interest you in a magic trick? Just give me your phone and watch my number magically appear on it.
  • Come on, help a girl/guy out. What would be the smoothest way to get your number?
  • Here’s my number. Send me a text when you’re ready to fall in love with me.
  • Hey babe, can I have your number? I think it’ll look better in my pocket than in your head.
  • Hey baby! Are you ready for the magic trick? Give me your expensive phone and my number will appear instantly.
  • Hey, beauty! I don’t like adding stranger’s numbers to my contact list but I am considering how to connect with you after today.
  • I attempted sending you nudes last weekend, but I discovered your contact was not in my phone book.
  • I don’t mind if you make six digits. Let me be your seven digits.
  • I have the perfect emoji that describes you, but it would look much better next to your number on my phone.
  • I like you so much that I’ll give you my real number. Not the fake ones I give to all the other guys/girls.
  • I need your number in case of an emergency. Like I need someone to enjoy the whole night with.
  • I send the best good morning texts. But you’d know that already if I had your number.
  • I thought I gave up asking for guy’s/girl’s numbers, but then I saw you and I had to break my own rule.
  • I was blinded by your beauty; I’m going to need your name and phone number for insurance purposes.
  • If you were a flower, you’d be a daaaaaamn-delion.
  • May I borrow your cell phone? I need to phone heaven and tell God I found the missing angel!
  • Quit Stalin and give me your number.
  • Sorry, I didn’t get your number… errr, your name… I mean, your number.
  • What emoji do you want me to put next to your cute name? Can you start by giving me your number?
  • What’s the perfect gentleman/lady still doing without your number?
  • When I look into the future, I see you giving me your number.

Good Pick Up Lines To Get A Number

  • Do you believe in love at first swipe?
  • (Lime emoji) This is my pick-up lime. How are you?
  • All your pics came through at a 45-degree angle. Guess you’re acute-y.
  • Are you a tower? Because Eiffel for you!
  • Do you believe in love at first sight? Or, should we match again?
  • Hey. So, when our friends ask us how we met, what are we going to tell them?
  • I usually go for 8’s but I guess I’ll settle for a 10.
  • I was just about to deactivate my profile when you swiped right. I guess fate brought us together.
  • I’m not actually this tall. I’m just standing on my wallet.
  • My mom warned me not to talk to strangers online, but I’ll make an exception for you.
  • Roses are red, violets are blue, how did I get so lucky to match with you?
  • Was that an earthquake or did you just rock my Tinder profile?
  • We matched. Does that mean we’re like married now?
  • What kind of a cringe one-liner does a person have to say around here to win the worst pick-up line competition?
  • You are hotter than the bottom of my laptop.

Cool Pick Up Lines For Guy’s Phone Number

Cool Pick Up Lines For Guy’s Phone Number
  • Are you the groom? No? Please give me your digits.
  • Are you religious? Cause you’re the answer to all my prayers.
  • Did your license get suspended for driving all these girls crazy?
  • Do I know you? You look a lot like my next boyfriend.
  • Don’t sail on without giving me your number, fellow pirate.
  • I don’t believe in love at first sight, but I’m willing to make an exception in your case.
  • I see you’ve got some tequila. Does that mean you wanna give me a shot?
  • I’m sure I don’t need to stalk you before you give me your number.
  • If looks could kill, you’d be a weapon of mass destruction.
  • Is it hot in here or is it just you?
  • Let me list myself as a hot blonde on your contact list so you will always remember me.
  • My drink is getting lonely, so would you like to join me with one?
  • My fingers aren’t leaving my keypads until you give me your number.
  • My name’s Microsoft, can I crash at your place tonight?
  • Would you like to be the lucky guy who gets my real number? Give me your phone.

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