60 Serious Instagram Captions for Selfie (Best of 2023)!

Take a look at some Serious Instagram Captions for social media pictures you’d like to share on Instagram. In previous articles on our website, we have provided you with assorted IG captions for different occasions.

Serious Instagram Captions

Tell them the people how sincere or serious you are at a time without saying a word.

Pictures are the best way to express your emotions out if you are using Serious Captions then your pictures become loud and clear. It will be easy for the reader to understand your mood.

Serious Instagram Captions

  • A lot is said about the serious by the fact that the most intelligent person around is almost always the most playful.
  • Albert Campion: ‘I’m serious!’ Lugg: ‘That’s unhealthy in itself.
  • Antibiotics are a very serious public health problem for us, and it’s getting worse. Resistant microbes outstrip new antibiotics. It’s an ongoing problem. It’s not like we can fix it, and it’s over. We have to fight continued resistance with a continual pipeline of new antibiotics and continue with the perpetual challenge.
  • At a certain point, if you still have your marbles and are not faced with serious financial challenges, you have a chance to put your house in order. It’s a cliche, but it’s underestimated as an analgesic on all levels. Putting your house in order, if you can do it, is one of the most comforting activities, and the benefits of it are incalculable.
  • Be honest.
  • Be loyal to your future, not your past.
  • Be self-starter.
  • But a generation that does not aspire to seriousness, to meaning, is unworthy to walk in the shadow of those who have gone before, I mean those who have struggled and surmounted, I mean those who have aspired, I mean Rembrandt, I mean Turner, I mean Michelangelo and Matisse … I mean obviously Rothko.
  • Can we really believe that we are living a good life, an ethically decent life if we don’t do anything serious to help reduce poverty around the world and help save the lives of children or adults who are likely to die if we don’t increase the amount of aid we are giving.
  • Can’t you ever be serious?’ I said, mortified.
  • Children become serious when they play. To regain that beautiful seriousness, you have to live in the present and take life as a play.
  • Climate change is happening, humans are causing it, and I think this is perhaps the most serious environmental issue facing us.
  • Comedy is simply a funny way of being serious.
  • Do the best you can, and don’t take life too seriously.
  • Do you take anything seriously?
  • Don’t talk, just act. Don’t say, just show. Don’t promise, just prove.
  • Earnestness is stupidity sent to college.
  • Everyone’s always ‘just joking,’ right? Except when they’re not.
  • Fortunately for serious minds, a bias recognized is a bias sterilized.
  • Gratitude in advance is the most powerful creative force in the universe.

Serious Captions

  • Happiness is when you feel good about yourself without feeling the need for anyone else’s approval.
  • Hard work opens doors and shows the world that you are serious about being one of those rare – and special – human beings who use the fullness of their talents to do their very best. My dreams for the future are simple: work, a happy, healthy family, a lovely long motorcycle ride, and continuing the struggle to awaken people to the need for serious human rights reform.
  • How beautiful it is to find someone who asks for nothing but your company.
  • Humanity takes itself too seriously. It is the world’s original sin. If the caveman had known how to laugh, History would have been different.
  • I am blessed. Today i will focus on all that is right in my life.
  • I am not an angel and do not pretend to be. That is not one of my roles. But I am not the devil either. I am a woman and a serious artist, and I would like so to be judged.
  • I am not an optimist. I’m a very serious possibilist. It’s a new category where we take emotion apart and we just work analytically with the world.
  • I can’t change overnight into a serious literary author. You can’t compare apples to oranges. William Faulkner was a great literary genius. I am not.
  • I don’t believe in being serious about anything. I think life is too serious to be taken seriously.”
  • I don’t like irony and sarcasm very much. But I do like it when you think someone is telling you a joke, and then you discover it’s serious.
  • I have now taken a serious task upon myself and I fear a greater one that is in the power of any man to perform in the given time-but it is too late to go back.
  • I love the sensation of being out in the open air, far away from all the distractions of modern life. I will usually disappear for a couple of hours, and that time on my bike is quite sacred, as it’s when I do all my serious thinking. Sometimes I will stop off at a bikers’ cafe and have a bacon sandwich.
  • I think a lot of people think being in the kitchen is really serious, and especially that baking is very serious, very straitlaced. For me, it’s about figuring out your voice, finding your personality, and getting in the kitchen to explore.
  • I touched my scalp where Sula had wrapped the cloth. It still burned, but it made me feel important. I’d been wounded in combat. Anyone could break a leg or dislocate a shoulder, but how many people get shot? I could tell by the way Will was looking at me that he was impressed too and not a little bit jealous. I would have quickly traded the head wound, however, for a glass of clean water.
  • I was going to be a Marine before I was going to be an actor. I was really serious about joining the Marine Corps.
  • I’ve only been to jail a few times, but in several different countries, at that. No, I’ve only been to jail a few times. But I still claim the ability to write a “serious” novel.
  • The idea I like the bad-boy types. Generally, the guy I’m attracted to is the guy in the club with all the tattoos and nail polish. He’s usually the lead singer in a punk band and plays guitar. But my serious boyfriends are relatively clean-cut, nice guys. So it’s strange.
  • If a film becomes successful, the actor is blamed for being commercial and not having a true love for movies. When we do serious films, we will be blamed for not planning our careers properly. I believe that what one should do is to make good cinema and try to make it successful. 
  • If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.

Serious Selfie Captions

Serious Instagram Captions
  • If we are faithful to God in little things, we shall gain experience and strength that will be helpful to us in the more serious trials of life.
  • If you want to succeed, you have to let failure be your best friend!
  • If you’re serious about changing your life, you’ll find a way. If you’re not, you’ll find an excuse.
  • I’ll say things that are serious and put them in a joke form so people can enjoy them. We laugh to keep from crying. 
  • I’m very serious about no alcohol, no drugs. Life is too beautiful.
  • Invest the now in tomorrow’s dream.
  • It always seems impossible until it’s done.
  • It is the tendency of deep feeling to subdue the manner rather than to render it too energetic.
  • ‘It’s difficult,’ he said. ‘There’s so little in life that’s worth it.
  • Let go of those who bring you down and surround yourself with those who bring out the best in you.
  • Life does not cease to be funny when people die any more than it ceases to be serious when people laugh.
  • Life is about balance. Be kind, but don’t let people abuse you. Trust, but don’t be deceived. Be content, but never stop improving yourself.
  • Life is just a bowl of cherries, don’t take it seriously, it’s mysterious. Life is just a bowl of cherries, so live and laugh and laugh at love, love a laugh, laugh and love.
  • Like all of us, we have pretty serious mood swings.
  • Love is a serious mental disease.
  • Mix a little foolishness with your serious plans. It is lovely to be silly at the right moment. Horace Your Moment is Right Silly A constitutional democracy is in serious trouble if its citizenry does not have a certain degree of education and civic virtue.
  • Negative thoughts will destroy you. Always do your best to keep a positive attitude.
  • Never be afraid to say what you feel.
  • Never stop doing great just because someone doesn’t give you credit.
  • No matter how badly someone treats you, never drop down to their level. Remain calm, stay strong, and walk away.
  • Not a shred of evidence exists in favor of the idea that life is serious. 

Serious Face Quotes

  • Not if I can help it. Makes life so tedious.
  • Not on a regular basis, no.
  • One must be serious about something if one wants to have any amusement in life.
  • Our seriousness prevents us from enjoying the circus of life.
  • Palin’s blatant lack of competence and preparedness needs no belaboring. What’s critical is that substantive, serious Republican leaders either wouldn’t or couldn’t declare, before or after the election, ‘This is not what our party stands for. We can and must do better.’
  • People who are really serious about software should make their own hardware.
  • Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood.
  • Politics is too serious a matter to be left to the politicians.
  • Revenge, lust, ambition, pride, and self-will are too often exalted as the gods of man’s idolatry; while holiness, peace, contentment, and humility are viewed as unworthy of serious thought.
  • She couldn’t avoid being serious about things she cared for, and happiness made her grave at the thought of all the things which might destroy it.
  • Some people think football is a matter of life and death. I assure you, it’s much more serious than that.
  • Sometimes opening your eyes may be the most painful thing you ever have to do.
  • Take time today to do what matters most.
  • The first step to becoming strong is to decide who you are.
  • The men who made the joke saw something deep which they could not express except by something silly and emphatic.
  • The moment you start acting like life is a blessing, it starts feeling like one.
  • The one serious conviction that a man should have is that nothing is to be taken too seriously.
  • There are uses to adversity, and they don’t reveal themselves until tested. Whether it’s a serious illness, financial hardship, or the simple constraint of parents who speak limited English, difficulty can tap unexpected strengths.
  • There is a correlation between how seriously we take life and how many problems it gives us.
  • There is a lot of pain in being lonely, but a lot of beauty in being alone.

Serious Captions For Instagram

  • This showed once again that everyone had something different to lose in this battle. Some were concerned for their lives, and some for those they cared most about: rays, sea horses, even the chickens that ran free in the streets of the city because they couldn’t all be caught in time.
  • Those who are weak, never suck the blood of the enemy, as it is to be done with strength.
  • Time by itself doesn’t take anything seriously, at times, humans by themselves take everything seriously
  • To find peace, sometimes you have to be willing to lose your connection with the people, places, and things that create all the noise in your life.
  • To sober up seems to many like making life so serious as if seriousness precluded joy, warmth, spontaneity, and fun. But there can be a delusional, blind quality to non-sober festivities. To have our eyes open soberly with all our senses and memory intact allows some of the most rewarding, soul-nourishing, and long-lasting pleasures possible.
  • Train your mind and heart to see the good in everything. There is always something to be grateful for.
  • War is too serious a matter to entrust to military men.
  • What, in all very seriousness, the hell was going on?
  • When a person can no longer laugh at himself, it is time for others to laugh at him..
  • When you learn to accept instead of expect, you’ll have fever disappointment.
  • When you truly don’t care what anyone thinks of you, you have reached a dangerously awesome level of freedom.
  • You are imperfect, you are wired for struggle, but you are worthy of love and belonging. Imperfections are not inadequacies; they are reminders that we’re all in this together.
  • You can’t be serious, I said.
  • You don’t need a reason to help people.
  • You never have to chase what want to stay.
  • You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that is it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.
  • Your body is like a piece of dynamite. You can tap it with a pencil all day, but you’ll never make it explode. You hit it once with a hammer: Bang! Get serious. Do 40 hard minutes, not an hour and a half of nonsense. It’s so much more rewarding.

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