150 Best State Fair Captions for Instagram (2024)

The state fair is also part of Indian culture, we celebrate to showcase our traditional ethics. If we call India a country of fairs, then there is no surprise at all, we have been celebrating the State Fair for years. Use State Fair Captions to highlight traditional values on your Instagram feed. Festivals in India are known for their cultural and religious significance.

A Fair is a gathering of people at a place for cultural or business work. There are many types of fairs like religious fairs, trade fairs, similar, cattle, events fairs, etc. The biggest fair in India is the religious fair known as Kumbh Mela, organized in Haridwar, Prayagraj, Nashik, and Ujjain.

State Fair Captions

The full Kumbh Mela celebration is held every 12 years. People from every corner of the world come to witness this gigantic festival. Where you can see traditional, religious, delicious food, and fun activities, during Fairs, people could earn money just by feeding or stalling food items. Various fairs are organized throughout India for entertainment purposes, such as the Kumbh fair, Pushkar, Sawan, Sonpur fair, etc.

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State Fair Captions Spark Your Instagram Feed

We enjoy visiting fairs with family and friends and capturing special moments on our cameras. Then it would be best if you explored Instagram State Fair captions are perfect for your pictures.

State Fair Captions Spark Your Instagram Feed
  • [your state] State Fair, the only place you see your besties, exes, and teachers
  • A day of thrills & chills
  • A ticket to fun and feelin’ young.
  • Admit two. Just me and you.
  • Again! Again!
  • All I need is a good time and some fried butter
  • All the fun of the fair
  • Anytime is a good time for fair
  • But it’s a temporary high cause when I close my eyes I’m somewhere with you
  • Came for the cotton candy, and left with lots of memories with you.
  • Can I get a passport stamp from the top of the Ferris wheel?
  • Can’t believe I ate my weight in fried food
  • Carnival is my cardio
  • Carnivals bring out the child in everyone
  • Cheese curds are mandatory
  • Cotton Candy. Corn Dogs. Ferris Wheel. Blue Ribbons.
  • Could someone go back and get my stomach?
  • Curing my wanderlust with cotton candy and bright pink skies.
  • Deep-fry it and call it a day!
  • Enjoy the ride
  • Everything being a constant carnival, there is no carnival left – Victor Hugo
  • Everything is #lit.
  • Fair food is my boyfriend
  • Fair is where you get cotton candy
  • Falling in love with this season even more.
  • Festival of sheer madness
  • Find me by the ferris wheel
  • Free admission to those who dream.
  • Getting lost in the carnival

State Fair Instagram Captions

State Fair Instagram Captions
  • Gimme all the cheese fries!!
  • Go out into the world and act as if what you do make a difference
  • God put us here on this carnival ride, we close our eyes never knowing where it will take us next – Carrie Underwood
  • Happiness is candy apples
  • Happiness is candy apples
  • Happy fair season
  • Hello fair
  • Howdy folks!
  • I am here for the fried food
  • I am just here for the cotton candy
  • I love fair week
  • I see nothing in space as promising as the view from the Ferris Wheel – E.B. White
  • I’m getting too old for this!!!
  • I’m going to need to sit down after this
  • If lost, drop off at cotton candy stand
  • I’m getting too old for this!!!
  • I’m going to need to sit down after this
  • I’m so corny [hold up a corndog or corn]
  • It’s fair time!
  • It’s been one blur of fun. — Lilly Pulitzer
  • It’s so fluffy! —Agnus from Despicable Me
  • Just a small town throw down!
  • Just here for the fried dough and Ferris wheel.
  • Leave a little sparkle wherever you go.
  • Let’s get spooked together.
  • Let’s win a prize every time.
  • Life is a beautiful ride
  • Life is like a county fair
  • Life is short. Go to the fair.
  • Life’s a carnival ride
  • Like we’re made of starlight. — Starlight by Taylor Swift
  • Live colorfully.
  • Live, laugh, and eat lots of good food.
  • Long live all the magic we made. — Long Live by Taylor Swift
  • Lookin’ for love in all the wrong places
  • More flannels and fall fairs, please.


State Fair Captions For Instagram

State Fair Captions For Instagram
  • My second home is the [your state] State Fair!
  • My stomach hurts but I keep going #Strong
  • Next stop: the bumper cars
  • Next stop: The top of the Ferris wheel.
  • Not everyone is going to like every carnival ride – Matthea Harvey
  • Oh I’m diggin’ this fun house
  • Popcorn over problems.
  • Race you to the ticket booth.
  • Rides and neon lights
  • Rough hands, farmer tans, dirty boots, country roots
  • So much fun, so little time… till tomorrow
  • So much fun, so little time… till tomorrow
  • Splitting French fries with you is my favorite thing to do.
  • Step right up
  • Still scared I’ll get lost…

Cute State Fair Captions

Cute State Fair Captions
  • Sweet as cotton candy, bright as the moon.
  • The BEST part of Summer <3
  • The State Fair is my Church
  • Touching the sky because it’s boring back on Earth.
  • Traded the bright lights of the big city for the neon signs at the fair.
  • Treat yourself. — Parks and Recreation
  • Up, up, and away we go.
  • Walking in an autumn wonderland. — Marisa Casciano
  • Whip it good!
  • You are better than my favorite sweater in this weather.
  • You are the pumpkin spice to my fall fair.
  • You can’t spell friend without fried (dough).
  • You had me at a fair.
  • You must be this obsessed with fall to ride this ride.
  • You’ll never know how great a kiss can feel when you stop at the top of a Ferris wheel. — Freddy Cannon
  • You’re my boo.

Instagram Captions For Fall Fairs

Instagram Captions For Fall Fairs
  • A ticket to fun and feelin’ young.
  • Happy fair season.
  • It’s so fluffy!
  • Let’s win a prize every time.
  • Like we’re made of starlight.
  • Walking in an autumn wonderland.
  • You can’t spell friend without fried (dough).
  • There’s nothing fun about this house
  • THIS is a fun house?
  • This is going to be one of those nights.
  • This is where the fun stuff happens.
  • This was more fun when I was younger

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