40 Spicy Sushi Pick Up Lines That are Sure to Impress Your Date!

Sushi Pick Up lines are a hilarious and unique approach to engaging your followers and brightening up your social media feed.

Are you a bit confused about how to start a conversation with your date, you’ve just landed in the right place? This article has a comprehensive collection of the most popular Sushi pick up lines from Reddit that are sure to impress and make your date laugh.

Sushi Pick Up Lines


Why Use Sushi Pick Up Lines?

Sushi is a famous Japanese dish that people all over the world like to eat. It is famous for its awesome taste and the way it is being served. Using sushi pickup lines on a date can help break the ice and create a fun, light-hearted atmosphere. These pickup lines can also show off your knowledge and appreciation of sushi, making you appear more sophisticated and cultured.

Top 10 Best Sushi Pick Up Lines

  • Are you a California roll? Because you’re the perfect mix of sweet and spicy.
  • I must be a piece of sushi because I feel raw around you.
  • You are soy beautiful.
  • Sushi is not the only thing raw that you will taste tonight.
  • If I wrap myself with seaweed, would you eat me.
  • Sushi isn’t the only thing I eat raw
  • If you were sushi, you’d be the rainbow roll because you’re a beautiful blend of different flavors.
  • I hope you like wasabi because I’m feeling a little spicy tonight.
  • Beautiful, wanna play hide the temaki
  • Can I buy you a drink, or do you prefer to just roll with it?

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Sushi Trivia to Impress Your Date

Here are some fun facts about sushi you can tell your date to show how much you know about it:

  • Sushi originated in Southeast Asia, not Japan.
  • The word “sushi” actually refers to the vinegared rice used in the dish, not the raw fish.
  • Wasabi, the spicy green paste often served with sushi, is not actually made from horseradish, as many people believe. It’s made from a plant called wasabi japonica.
  • Sushi is usually eaten with your hands, not with chopsticks.

Amazing Sushi Pick Up Lines You Can’t Afford to Miss!

  • Babe, I am down for some fishy business for your pleasure.
  • Babe, I heard you like it raw.
  • Babe, I love you like I love my sushi, I want to roll you up and eat you raw all night long.
  • Babe, I want to put my eel sauce all over your sashimi.
  • Babe, want this hand roll as the perfect happy ending.
  • Call me sushi……cause I’m going in raw.
  • Do you want some sushi.
  • Do your panties smell like fish because I like sushi.
  • Does your pu$$y smell like fish I love my sushi.
  • Forget about foreplay and filler rice, let’s get straight to sashimi.
  • Girl are you sushi, you sure are soFISHticated.
  • Girl I heard you love sushi and raw fish, and I happen to make the best raw human roll.

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  • Girl, do you want some of this eel
  • Hey girl, I want a raw taste of your flavor sauce.
  • How about we take this sushi home and see if we can get some raw action?

Best Sushi Pick Up Lines

Best Sushi Pick Up Lines
  • I am soy into you.
  • I am sushi, eat me.
  • I love sushi. Can you make some for me
  • I want my girls like my sushi, raw.
  • If you love sushi, you will definitely love MAKIng out with me.
  • Let’s roll in bed.
  • Let’s have that first
  • Let’s roll in bed.
  • Miso hungry for you.
  • My love for you is like my love for sushi,
  • My roll grows every time I see you.
  • No more Mr. Rice guy, I am going for raw end of the deal.
  • No more Mr. Rice guy, I am going for the raw end of the deal.
  • Ready for some raw action tonight
  • Roses are red [Her name] loves sushi

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Funny Sushi Pick Up Lines

Funny Sushi Pick Up Lines
  • Soy happy to roll with you in bed.
  • The girl is your sushi, you sure are sophisticated.
  • Then I’mma focus on that tushy
  • Time for some sushi, Wassa Bae.
  • Wanna make some sticky rice
  • Want sushi to go and chill
  • What is your favorite position Nigiri, Maki, or Uramaki
  • What’s your favorite roll Dragon, rainbow, penis
  • Why don’t you take some clothes off and have a raw good time
  • Why use wasabi when you are so hot already
  • You are the seaweed to my sushi rice.
  • You are the Wasabi to my sushi.
  • Your raw body would look better rolled up in my bedsheets.

Final Thought

In conclusion, using sushi pick up lines on a date is a fun and creative way to impress and show off your knowledge of this popular cuisine. You’ll be sure to impress your date and have a great time together.

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