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The ultimate collection of Caption For Dad, you can convey your regards to your dad on special occasions like his birthday, anniversary & more.

Fathers Day is celebrated every year in June, this is the best time to honor your father for his contribution to your life. Now it’s your turn to wish your fathers with read-made Best Caption for Father And Son Picture & Father-Daughter Captions, so they can feel special.

Caption for Dad

Father’s Day is celebrated to recognized love, and respect from their children. We can say that this day celebrates fatherhood and manhood! Are you searching Father captions, then you have landed in the right place! we have updated the latest Best Caption for Father And Daughter Picture collection!

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Caption for Dad

  • A daughter needs a dad to be the standard against which she will judge all men.
  • (For the bargain-hunter dad) Love you more than you love grocery store coupons.
  • (For the bearded dad) Hope you’re having a fan-stache-tic day.
  • (For the dad who loves to fish) You’re off the hook, dad.
  • (For the home improvement-loving dad) Love you more than you love Home Depot.
  • (For the literary dad) Love you more than you love crosswords on Sunday morning.
  • (If your dad is a Star Wars fan) Yoda best, dad.
  • A daughter may outgrow your lap, but will never outgrow your heart.
  • A father is someone who carries pictures of his kids where his money used to be.
  • Armed and dadly. *insert winking face emoji*
  • Behind every great man/woman is an even better father.
  • Dad is and always will be my living, breathing superhero. — Bindi Irwin
  • Dad, I can never repay you. Literally.

Best Caption for Father And Son Picture

  • Dad, thanks for being slightly less embarrassing than all the other dads.
  • Dad, you’re one in a million, which are roughly the odds of everybody being ready and in the car when you want to leave.
  • Dad, you’re one of my favorite parents.
  • Dad, you’re the cool parent. But I’ll deny it if you tell Mom.
  • Dad. He can play like a kid, give advice like a friend, and protect like a bodyguard.
  • Dad: a daughter’s first love and a son’s first hero.
  • Dads and daughters don’t always see eye to eye, but they’re always heart to heart.
  • Happy Father’s Day to the man who taught me how to be one.
  • Happy Father’s Day, Dad. You were right—about everything.
  • He has always provided me a safe place to land and a hard place from which to launch. — Chelsea Clinton
  • Here’s to one of my favorite parents!
  • Hey Dad, thanks for being unapologetically you. But maybe tomorrow, you could stop embarrassing me so much?
  • I feel bad for other people today. Obviously my dad is the best.
  • I feel bad for other people; I clearly have the best dad.
  • I have a hero. I call him Dad.
  • I hope this Father’s Day is as fun as your life was before kids.
  • I know I don’t say it enough, so I’ll say it extra today: Thank you for everything, Dad.
  • I love my dad to the moon and back.
  • I might not be perfect, but that’s okay. I forgive you!

Caption for Picture With Dad

  • I still kinda think the Tooth Fairy’s real because of you.
  • If I didn’t have you as a dad, I’d want you as a friend.
  • I’ll always be your little girl. And your financial burden.
  • I’m sorry for everything, Dad. Unfortunately, the list is too long to explain.
  • In honor of Father’s Day, I promise to laugh at all of your jokes.
  • Let’s taco ‘bout how you’re my hero. *insert taco emoji*
  • Life doesn’t come with a manual—it comes with a father.
  • My dad gives Superman a run for his money.
  • My dad’s twice as cool as I am.
  • My first love. My first hero. Always my dad.
  • My sisters and I can still recite Dad’s grilling rules: Rule No. 1: Dad is in charge. Rule No. 2: Repeat Rule No. 1. — Connie Schultz
  • My wishes all came true, all because of a papa like you.
  • Not all heroes wear capes. Mine wears cargo shorts.
  • Not always eye to eye, but always heart to heart.
  • Sad , thanks for being an awesome farter. I mean, father.
  • Thanks for always offering me a shoulder to cry on, and a bad joke to laugh at. *insert heart emoji*
  • Thanks for being the cool parent. Don’t tell Mom.
  • Thanks for killing all those spiders.
  • Thanks for putting up with me, Dad!
  • The older I get, the smarter my father seems to get. — Tim Russert
  • This is what a really cool dad looks like.
  • This might sound cheesy, but you’re the gratest, Dad.
  • We all know that Mom did the hard part. But Happy Father’s Day anyway!
  • Worst jokes. Best dad.
  • You can never get tired of your dad’s genuine and carefree energy. Use more than just Father’s Day to let him know that.
  • You can tell what was the best year of your father’s life, because they seem to freeze that clothing style and ride it out. — Jerry Seinfield
  • You have seen me at my worst, yet you think that I am the best. I love you, Dad.
  • You’re a weirdo, and I’m your weirdo. *insert shoulder shrugging emoji*
  • You’re allowed unlimited dad jokes today.
  • You’ll always be dad to the bone.
  • You’re so hip, you had a dad bod *before* it was cool.
  • You’re the best, Dad. Plain and simple.
  • You’re the greatest father I’ve ever had.

Caption for Father And Son Picture

  • You require love to be a dad, not DNA.
  • You deserve to wear a Hawaiian shirt and eat coconut shrimp every day, dad.
  • When my dad did not hold my hand, he had my back.
  • When a father gives to his son, both laugh. When a son gives to his father, both cry. – William Shakespeare.
  • Until you have a son of your own, you will never know the joy, the love beyond feeling
  • There is no love on earth greater than that of a father for his son.
  • The heart of a father is the masterpiece of nature. — Antoine-François Prévost
  • The fact that my relationship with my son is so good makes me forgiving of my father and also appreciative. – Anthony Kiedis
  • that resonates in the heart of a father as he looks upon his son. – Kent Nerburn
  • Thanks for teaching me that an IPA a day keeps the doctor away. *insert beer emoji*
  • Sons aspire to either become their father or vie to be his exact opposite. – Kilroy J. Oldster.
  • One dad is enough to love a hundred sons, but a hundred sons are still not enough to love one father.
  • Old as she was, she still missed her Daddy sometimes. — Gloria Naylor
  • Nothing is dearer to an ageing father than his son.
  • My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person: He believed in me. — Jim Valvano
  • My dad taught me everything I know. Unfortunately, he didn’t teach me everything he knows. – Al Unser
  • May your day be filled with Bruce Springsteen songs and obscure films I have no interest in watching.
  • Listen, my son, to your father’s instruction and do not forsake your mother’s teaching. – Proverbs 1:8
  • Join me, and together we can rule the galaxy as father and son. – George Lucas
  • It is the duty of the father to give his sons a good chance.
  • It is not flesh and blood, but heart which makes us fathers and sons. – Johann Friedrich Von Schiller

Father Son Caption

  • It does not matter how tall a son grows, he will still always look up to his dad.
  • If the relationship between father and son could really be reduced to biology, the whole earth would blaze with the glory of fathers and sons. – James A. Baldwin
  • I wanted to send you something awesome, but I couldn’t fit in the mailbox.
  • I only hope when I have my own family that everyday I see a little more of my father in me. — Keith Urban
  • I hope I can be as good of a father to my son as my dad was to me. – Calvin Johnson
  • Hope your day is filled with tons of opportunities to tell bad jokes to waiters. *insert face palm emoji*

Father And Son Photo Captions

Best Caption for Father And Daughter Picture
  • He adopted a role called Being a Father so that his child would have something mythical and infinitely important: a Protector. —Tom Wolfe
  • Happy Day-Where-I’ll-Do-The-Yard-Work-For-You, dad! *insert leaf emoji*
  • Fathers, like mothers, are not born. Men grow into fathers, and fathering is a very important stage in their development. – David M. Gottesman
  • Fathers should know that sons follow their example, not advice.
  • Dads are most ordinary men turned by love into heroes, adventurers, story-tellers, and singers of song. — Pam Brown
  • Dad, you are my superman, which makes me your super son!
  • Behind every young boy who believes in himself is a father who believed in him first.
  • Becoming a dad means you have to be a role model for your son and be someone he can look up to. – Wayne Rooney
  • As your Father’s Day gift, I’ve decided to let you explain health insurance to me in great detail.
  • Any fool can have a child. That doesn’t make you a father. It’s the courage to raise a child that makes you a father. — Barack Obama
  • A son may outgrow a father’s lap, but never his heart.
  • A son does not pass judgement on his father, but he is his father’s conscience
  • A son can change his father from being selfish to selfless.
  • A small boy becomes a big man through influence of a big man who cares about the small boy.
  • A dad is a person who wants to catch you before you fall, but he instead picks you up and lets you try again.
  • A boy’s first hero is his dad.

Father Daughter Captions

  • A daughter is a treasure and a cause of sleeplessness. – Ben Sirach
  • A father holds his daughter’s hand for a short while, but he holds her heart forever. – Unknown
  • A little girl giggles when she is denied an ice-cream by her mother. She knows daddy will get her some later. – Unknown
  • Behind every great daughter is a truly amazing dad. – Unknown
  • Being a daddy’s girl is like having permanent armor for the rest of your life. – Marinela Reka
  • Dad, you’ve always been the coolest – like all those times you said ‘yes’ when Mom said ‘no.’ – Unknown
  • Dad. He can play like a kid, give advice like a friend, and protect like a bodyguard. – Unknown
  • Dear Daddy, no matter where I go in life, you’ll always be my number one man.  – Unknown
  • I smile because you’re my father. I laugh because there’s nothing you can do about it. – Unknown
  • If you ever want to torture my dad, tie him up and right in front of him, refold a map incorrectly. – Cathy Ladman
  • No one in this world can love a girl more than her father. – Michael Ratnadeepak
  • Old as she was, she still missed her daddy sometimes. – Gloria Naylor
  • One of the greatest gifts I’ve ever gotten came from God. I call him daddy. – Unknown
  • There is this girl who stole my heart and she calls me Daddy.  – Unknown
  • This relationship has something special about it, that makes every father and every daughter in the world speak warmly about it. – Unknown
  • When you’re young, you think your dad is Superman. Then you grow up, and you realize he’s just a regular guy who wears a cape. – Unknown

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