90 Captions For Leap Day (& Quotes) for Instagram (2024)

With our amazing Captions For Leap Day collection, you can add a fun touch to any post or share a picture with our followers.

Why leap day is so special for someone? Just because it comes after every four years according to the calendar that is February 29. If someone’s birthday falls on leap year, they have to wait for so long, isn’t it? So celebrate it uniquely with Leap Day Captions for stunning Instagram photos.

Captions For Leap Day

The next leap year happens to be in 2024, 2028, and so on & so forth (a four-year gap). So don’t let this opportunity go to waste, enjoy every minute to capture this very rare occasion by sharing pictures with leap day thoughts in them.

Trending Captions For Leap Day 2024

  • *Four years and a million other birthday posts later.*
  • A day like this only happens once every four years.
  • All she does is leap, leap, leap.
  • As far as I’m concerned, Leap Day is meant for doing nothing.
  • Be in love with your life and every Leap Day in it.
  • But first, let’s have a photo shoot on Leap Day.
  • Enjoying Leap Day and dreaming about summer rays.
  • February is a little radder this year, if you ask me.
  • February, but make it longer.
  • Happy Leap Day to me and you.
  • Hey, people with a birthday on Leap Day. It’s sherbert day!
  • Hip, hip, hooray. It’s Leap Day.
  • How are you spending your Leap Day?
  • I donut know how I forgot about Leap Day.
  • I forgot Leap Day existed and that’s the tea.
  • In love with Leap Day.
  • It won’t come again! Make memories!
  • It’s Leap Day. That’s what’s up.
  • Just a girl who decided to make the most of her Leap Day.
  • Leap (Day) over your obstacles.
  • Let’s order pizza tonight and celebrate Leap Day.
  • Living my best life on this Leap Day.
  • Love you more than Leap Day.
  • My Leap Day vibes speak for themselves.
  • Oh, now that’s a Leap Day #look.
  • Ready to dive in completely!
  • Stay in your Leap Day magic, babe.
  • Super happy my favorite month is one day longer this year.
  • Surprise! February isn’t over yet.
  • Take the shotgun!
  • Taking a real leap with this Instagram post.
  • Thank goodness we get an extra day of winter, huh?
  • This moment is all you have!
  • Why can’t every February have a 29th day?

One Word Leap Year Captions:

  • Dive!
  • Faith!
  • Hop!
  • Leap!
  • Plunge!

Hashtags for Leap Year

  • #makeeachdaycount
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  • #leapyearbabies
  • #leapyear2020
  • #leapyear
  • #februarychallenge
  • #february29
  • #february2020
  • #cheersyall
  • #366daysofhappiness
  • #366daysofgratitude
  • #366days
  • #366chances
  • #29days

Leap Year Birthday Captions

  • I consider myself lucky as the entire globe celebrates my birthday.
  • I don’t have to put up with everyone. Blessed to have my birthday on 29th February.
  • I want you to really, really savour this birthday gift, as you’re not receiving one for another four years.
  • Since your birthday only comes around quadrennially, I’ve decided to divide your cake into four and give a quarter of it to you each year. Happy birthday.
  • So if your birthday actually comes one time only in four years, that means you’re only a fourth of the age you claim to be. And this means you won’t really be able to legally drink alcohol until you’re like 60. Sorry!
leap year quotes
Mesmerizing Collection of Captions for Leap Day for Instagram Photos 2024
  • The good thing about being born on February 29th is that when robots finally decide to annihilate mankind, your name probably won’t even show up in their database.
  • When they smile at me as my birthday is just around the corner, I feel at peace even though it’s once in four years.
  • You hold the special privilege of actually being able to choose which day to celebrate your birthday – either February 28th or March 1st – and I say let’s go with both!

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Leap Year Quotes For Instagram

  • Although it’s once in four years, gifts to me are welcomed each day o every year.
  • A strange amazing day that comes only once every four years… A day of temporal tune-up!
  • According to 30 Rock, which is an authority on these matters: anything that happens today, doesn’t.
  • Every leap year I like to jump. It’s a good way to get my daily exercise in every four years.
  • Happy Leap Day! Enjoy it while it’s here…because like a Kobe Bryant pass, it only occurs once every four years.
  • Happy Leap Day. A day where ‘this time last year’ and ‘this time next year’ does not apply.
  • It takes three springs to make one leap year.
  • It’s Leap Day, not sleep day!
  • It’s Leap Day. Real life is for March.
  • Life can be better. Life can be bitter. Life can be what you want it to be. Life can always be WHAT YOU WANT IT TO BE!
  • Like leap-year day — nothing in itself, but a nudge jostling every other day.
  • Surely this was a sign on Leap Year night!… It’s the 29th. Go in and win. Don’t be afraid.
  • That leap of faith when you know things won’t be the same ever again yet you take it because you trust yourself. That’s bliss.
  • The moment you start believing in yourself, others start believing in you. Don’t waste time pleasing others. Make time to be the best you ever can be.
  • This is Leap Year, and ancient proverbs say, If lads don’t leap this year, the lasses may.
  • To find leap year you have this rule: Divide by iv, what’s left shall be, For leap year 0, for past i, ii, and iii.
  • You can be what you want. You don’t need permission. You don’t need a day. You just need to accept who you are. You need to accept you’re beautiful. You’re intelligent & you can do it all.

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