39 BEST Cinco De Mayo Captions for Instagram Photos (2022)!

The #39 Cinco De Mayo Captions for Instagram selected the best for you, the perfect match for festive related photos.

Cinco De Mayo symbolizes Mexico’s victory over France forces in the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862, and May 5 annually is a holiday that celebrates the date of Mexican army’s.

It has a special significance for the people of Puebla and the Mexicans. On this day, various events are organized in some places.

These include the “Cinco de Mayo Parade”, the main highlight of the day, Mariachi bands, participants wearing colourful costumes, fireworks, and dancing.

We have wrapped up special collections of Cinco De Mayo Captions that charms the festive photos on Instagram. Let others know about the importance of celebrating Cinco De Mayo.

Cinco De Mayo Captions For Instagram

Cinco De Mayo Captions For Instagram

  • All you need is love and tacos.
  • Celebrate the little things.
  • Did somebody say churros
  • Don’t tequila my vibe.
  • Drinks well with others.
  • Every kiss begins with queso.
  • Fiesta all day, siesta all night.
  • Forget the flowers, bring me tacos.
  • Happiness is chips and guacamole.
  • Here’s to Cinco de Drinko.
  • Holy guacamole.
  • I can’t make everybody happy. I’m not a burrito.
  • I’m in a serious relation-chip with guacamole.
  • If life gives you limes, make margaritas.
  • It’s Cinco de Mayo. Just in queso you didn’t know.
  • It’s OK, guacamole. I’m extra, too.
  • Keep calm and eat tacos.
  • Life is a fiesta.

Best Cinco De Mayo Captions

  • Life is a party, dress like it. — Audrey Hepburn
  • Life is short, so wear your party pants.
  • Life isn’t all tacos and tequila, but it should be.
  • Lime yours.
  • Live every day like it’s taco Tuesday.
  • My Disney princess name is Taco Belle.
  • Surround yourself with tacos, not negativity.
  • Taco ‘bout a fun holiday.
  • Taco ’bout a party.
  • Take life with a grain of salt, a slice of lime, and a shot of tequila.
  • The only bad taco is the one you didn’t eat.
  • Until further notice, celebrate everything.
  • You guac my world.
  • You had me at tacos.
  • You have guac to be kidding me.
  • ‘You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.’ — Wayne Gretzky — Michael Scott —The Office
  • You’re my main squeeze.

Short Cinco De Mayo Captions

  • Count me in, but only if that is tequila and tacos.
  • Having nachos with my senorita.
  • I’m always trying to create a quote on Cinco de Mayo. #quote
  • I’m anywhere that the tacos are.
  • I’m into a Fiesta forever.
  • If you don’t love Cinco de Mayo, we just can’t be good friends.
  • Life is a fantastic Fiesta.
  • Some people are just born to enjoy any Cinco de Mayo at all.
  • Tacos and I have a fantastic affair.
  • Tequila and tacos are truly a magical affair.
  • The guac is always extra.
  • You can find me where the tacos are.

Funny Cinco De Mayo Captions

  • A few shots of tequila bring out the dancer in me.
  • All I care about is tacos, anywhere, anytime. #tacos
  • Anything that’s got Cinco de Mayo is meant for me.
  • Balance the diet. Have a Taco in each hand.
  • Believe it or not, tequila is my spirit animal.
  • Can you hear those tacos calling us
  • Can you think of anything else but Cinco de Mayo at this time
  • First, we have a couple of tequilas, and then we talk about everything else.
  • I just go Gaga over tacos.
  • It’s time to leave. I got to attend to my tacos and tequila at home.
  • Let’s all calm down and drink a few tequilas.
  • Let’s all dive into this huge packet of tacos.
  • Lettuce enjoys some tacos.
  • Only tequila or tacos can make people happy, not you. #happy
  • Spring is all about tackles and tequila, and sunshine.
  • Taco-bout drinking some tequila.
  • Tequila and tacos make for the best combination ever.
  • Tequilas make me a fantastic dancer.
  • The fun never stops with Cinco de Mayo. It only begins.
  • Who do you think you are, a burrito
  • You want to start dancing after a couple of tequilas.

Happy Cinco De Mayo Captions

  • Always carry your party pants wherever you go.
  • Can you think of anything more fun than tequila
  • Cinco de Mayo makeup is simply gorgeous.
  • Fiesta! That sounds so exciting. #fiesta
  • Guacamole is best had with chips of any kind.
  • I rather not Taco ‘bout my weakness for Cinco de Mayo. #taco
  • I simply can’t understand why life is not all tequila and tacos.
  • If I am tequila, you are my lime.
  • If life is a Fiesta, enjoy it with Cinco de Mayo.
  • If you think you’re true, have fun with a tequila shot or two.
  • If you want to have life, add a little bit of salt, a slice of lime, and three shots of tequila.
  • Just celebrate it.
  • Life is truly one grand Fiesta.
  • Return the bae that you took from me.
  • Spring needs to be celebrated with Cinco de Mayo.
  • Taco is all about how lovely life is.
  • We are all extra. Just like the guac.
  • Happy Cinco de Mayo, everyone. Enjoy.
  • Well, this is one party I would like to Taco ‘bout.
  • When someone gives you lemon, make a Margarita with it.

Cute Cinco De Mayo Captions

  • Arriba arriba! Andale andale! One tasty Taco coming in.
  • Cinco de Mayo is all about hangovers the next day.
  • Cinco de Mayo with Cinco de Drinko.
  • Even speedy Gonzalez love Cinco de Mayo. #cincodemayo
  • Have a Margarita and keep yourself happy.
  • Here’s a Taco to everyone celebrating Cinco de Mayo.
  • How can you just have one Margarita
  • I am practically one of the biggest Taco fans in the world.
  • I got my pinata on.
  • I just can’t seem to have enough of Cinco de Mayo.
  • I love getting as smoothly smashed as a pinata.
  • I’d rather have a Margarita think of me than a senorita.
  • Mexicans hardly ever celebrate Cinco de Mayo.
  • My favorite soup That’ll be tequila.
  • Pack my Cinco de Mayo with cheese, dollops of cheese.
  • Seis de Mayo isn’t something you should miss. #miss
  • Senorita, I think you need to have a Margarita.
  • Tequila always translates into a dance. #dance
  • Tequila is one of my favorite things in life.
  • Tequila is what makes me crazy.
  • There can never be enough nachos and tacos.
  • We’re Livin La Vida tequila.
  • You be the tequila, and I’ll be your taco.
  • You should live life just like Cinco de Mayo.

Clever Cinco De Mayo Captions

Clever Cinco De Mayo Captions
  • A full stomach means a happy heart. Happy Cinco de Mayo.
  • After a while, tequila will make you do everything.
  • Cinco de Mayo can be celebrated any day.
  • Cinco de Mayo is not ordinary. Don’t make it ordinary.
  • Every happy gringo Loves to drink tequila.
  • Have you ever seen a sad person eating tacos
  • I don’t think it’s Nacho a problem. #nacho
  • I’ll eat all the Mexican food at Cinco de Mayo.
  • I’m joining their Taco tribe.
  • I’m only trying to save water. So I’m having tequila instead.
  • If you don’t take those shots, you missing something really great.
  • If you got lemons, just add some salt and tequila to them. #lemons
  • It’s Cinco de Mayo! Tequila time, guys.
  • Just lime your tequila.
  • Keep drinking tequila; do you actually feel the groove.
  • Let’s caption those selfies of mine celebrating Cinco de Mayo.
  • Life is one big game of tacos and tequila.
  • Tacos and I always fall apart.
  • Tequila brings out the real you. #tequila
  • The power of tequila shots. One, two, three, floor.
  • The Taco you didn’t eat is the only bad one.
  • Your hidden talent comes out after a few shots of tequila.

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