60 Buzzworthy Captions for Bee Costumes for Instagram (2023)

Looking for the perfect caption to complement your bee-utiful costume? Captions for Bee Costumes from pun-tastic phrases to honey-sweet quotes will make your Instagram posts shine and create some buzz!

Have you been thinking about dressing up as a bee for Halloween? Get your Instagram feed filled with Cute captions for bee costumes, including clever and funny captions if you have a pair of bee-inspired costumes.

Instagram Captions For Bee Costumes
Funny Captions For Bee Costumes

Many bee costumes are available for various occasions, such as Woman’s Bee Costumes and cute Bumble Bee Costumes for kids and adults are the perfect fit for Halloween parties.

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Captivating Captions For Bee Costumes Instagram

You can dress yourself and your kids in beautiful Honey Bee costumes, headbands, and sparkly antennas to celebrate a particular occasion. Put these pictures with IG captions on social media and share them with your friends.

Instagram Captions For Bee Costumes
  • According to my costume, it do bee like that sometimes.
  • Any excuse to wear a tutu, right?
  • As cute as can bee.
  • As sweet as honey.
  • Bee positive, they said.
  • Bee the change you want to see in the world.
  • Buzzing from one virtual party to the next.
  • Buzz-worthy
  • Do you bee-lieve in the magic of Halloween?
  • Halloween is only one night of the whole year? Comb on!
  • Honey, I’m comb.
  • I’ll be your honey.
  • I’m allergic to pollen so we’ll see how this goes.
  • I’ve totally pollen for you.
  • Keep calm and honeycomb on.
  • Keeping of bees is like the direction of sunbeams.
  • Mind your own bees-iness.
  • Now entering the bee hive.
  • Oh, honey.
  • On Halloween night, legend says the zom-bees come out to play.
  • Petal to the metal.
  • Save the bees, please!
  • Show me the honey.
  • Sorry, I can’t be bumble about how good my costume looks.
  • Stopping to smell the roses because I’m a bee.

Instagram Bee Costumes Captions for Your Buzz-tastic Costume!

Bee Costumes Captions For Instagram
  • Stripes in bloom.
  • Thank you for always bee-ing mine.
  • The bee is more honored than other animals, not because she labors, but because she labors for others
  • The busy bee has no time for sorrow
  • The flower doesn’t dream of the bee. It blossoms and the bee comes.
  • The hum of bees is the voice of the garden.
  • There’s amazing pride in seeing a bee land on a flower you planted—but that’s not your act of creation, it’s your act of joining in
  • There’s no place on Earth I’d rather bee.
  • This costume really is the bee’s knees.
  • We bee-long together.
  • What do you say to a bee in the Wild West? Bee-haw!
  • What, like dressing up like a bee is hard?
  • Work hard and stay bumble.
  • You better bee-live it’s Halloween!
  • You can call me queen bee.
  • You can find me on Bumble.

Bee Puns For Instagram: Bee the Star of the Party!

These puns express gratitude for the people who made the journey meaningful and memorable. And emphasizes the importance of relationships and the life lessons that come along with them.

Bee Puns For Instagram
  • A bee styles their hair with a honeycomb.
  • A bee that will not stop eating will eventually become a little chub-bee.
  • A bee that’s been put under a spell has been bee-witched!
  • A bee who is good in math knows exactly what a rhom-buzz is.
  • A bee’s favorite haircut is a buzz cut!
  • A bee’s favorite novel is the Great Gats-bee.
  • A bee’s favorite sport is rug-bee.
  • A combination of a bumble bee and a race dog will give you a Greyhound Buzz.
  • A Queen Bee will only eat hum-burgers at Burger King.
  • A wasp is nothing more than a wanna-bee.
  • After the bee scored the winning basketball shot, the team wanted to give him a hive-five.
  • All bees love the honey-moon part of their relationships more than anything else.
  • As soon as the bees were finished making their hive they threw a big house swarming party for the rest of the group.
  • Bee children take the school buzz to get to school.
  • Bee puns aren’t that great. I don’t get what all the buzz is about.
  • Bee puns really sting.
  • Bees can fly in the rain wearing their little yellow jackets.
  • Bees love the summer because it is very swarm outside.
  • Bees that are born in the month of May are considered to be May-Bees.
  • Did you know that bears without ears are commonly referred to as B’s.
  • Female bees have a particular affection for ru-bee rings.
  • Hey! Hey! You! You! I don’t like your bee-friend.
  • Hive never felt this way bee-fore.
  • I can’t help pollen in love with you.
  • I know that I have never seen a humming bird but I certainly did see a spelling bee.
  • Just bee yourself. You’ll think of something to come up with.
  • Mind your own beeswax.
  • Naughty bee children really need to beehive.
  • Never play hide and seek with the swarm because they will always wind up bee-hind you.
  • On the first day of class, bee students are given a sylla-buzz.
  • Only bees who are on their best bee-havior get to go to the hive and make honey.
  • Quit pollen my leg.
  • Remember, bee puns are good for your health, they give you a dose of Vitamin Bee!
  • Roses are red, violets are blue, killer bees are all over you.
  • Say, these bee puns aren’t too shab-bee.
  • Speaking of music, all bees can relate to the pop band the Bee Gees.
  • That bee certainly deserved the promotion at work, he was always so buzzy on the job.
  • That bee is talking too quietly, it must be a mumble-bee!
  • That pretentious wasp is just plain snob-bee!
  • That single bee finally got married because he found his honey.
  • The baby bee was affectionately known as a little hum-bug.
  • The bee bank robber would always tell the bank tellers “Your honey or your life.”
  • The bee that resides in America is also known as a USB.
  • The bee was fired from the barber shop because the only thing he could do was give a buzz-cut.
  • The bee who loved to fly backwards would often be heard going zzub zzub zzub.
  • The bees favorite guns?  BeeBee guns, I suppose.
  • The bees went on strike because they wanted more honey and fewer working flowers.

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Bee Quotes and Sayings: Unleash Your Inner Bee-celebrity!

These short Bee Quotes for Instagram captions will make you stand out from the rest of the crowd with your social media posts.

short Bee Quotes for Instagram captions
  • The father bee was in great shape for his age because he always took his vitamin-bee.
  • The killer bee was so effective because he used a large buzz-ooka.
  • The little bees are always humming because they forgot the words to the song.
  • The little bees favorite type of candy is of course bumble gum.
  • The male bee was such a romantic, he kept pollen in love with all the female bees
  • The one item the bees never forget to bring to the beach are their frisbees.
  • The only one who can protect the Queen Bee is her hub-bee.
  • The only thing more dangerous that being with a fool is fooling with a bee.
  • The swarm of teenage bees all loved The Beatles and their “Let it Bee” album.
  • The talkative bee earned a reputation as being blab-bee.
  • The teacher kept telling the naughty bee to bee-hive himself or she would call in his parents.
  • The worker bee decided to take a vacation to Stingapore last year.
  • The worst part about getting stung by bees is that you will have to take care of those hives the following day.
  • The younger generation of bees love the musician Sting.
  • These bee puns are just winging it.
  • They asked the beekeeper to move his business out of town because he was creating quite a buzz around town.
  • To bee or not to bee, that is the question!
  • Wasp are you talking about?
  • We always buy our natural honey from the same bees because they always give us their swarm wishes.
  • What did one bee say to the other when they landed on the same flower? Buzz off.
  • What do bees like with their sushi? Wasa-bee!
  • What do you call a bee that’s a sore loser? A cry bay-bee!
  • What happens when a bee burps near the queen? It gets a royal pardon.
  • What is a swarm of really small queen bees called? The royal wee.
  • What is the last thing to go through a bee’s mind when it hits a windshield? Its stinger.
  • What kind of bees drop things? Fumble bees!
  • What’s a bee’s favorite flower? Bee-gonias!
  • What’s a bee’s favorite Spice Girls song? Wanna-bee!
  • What’s a happy bumblebee’s blood type? Bee positive!
  • What’s black and yellow and flies at 30,000 feet? A bee on an airplane.
  • When a bee is in your hand, what’s in your eye? Beauty. Because beauty is in the eye of the bee-holder.
  • When a bee writes a sonnet, they’re waxing poetic.
  • When the bee went to the blood bank, he asked if they were in need of any bee positive blood.
  • When you cross a doorbell and a bee you wind up with a hum-dinger.
  • Who’s a bee’s favorite painter? Pablo Bee-casso!
  • Who’s a bee’s favorite singer? Bee-yoncé.
  • Why did the bee want to use the phone? To say hi to their honey.
  • Why do bees get married? Because they found their honey!


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