Fascinating 127+ Zoo Instagram Captions Funny Puns, Quotes & More

We appreciate nature creation that is an integral part of our life such as colorful flowers, trees, plants, animals, birds, etc. We can’t expect our life without them, everything in this world is interconnected. So for all these lovely creatures, we have compiled Zoo Instagram captions. The zoo is also called the zoological park. A zoo is a place where rare animal species are kept.

Zoo Instagram Captions
Zoo Instagram Captions 2021

Generally, we visit the zoo, especially children are curious to know about animal lives. Modern zoos are not only for entertainment but also for education, research on the conservation of animals.

Animals and birds are kept in the zoo providing a conducive environment for their survival, taking care of their diets, at regular intervals their health checkup is done.

In the zoo, Small animals Ducks, cranes, waterfowl, etc., can be seen enjoying themselves in the pond. Along with others, hundreds of colorful, small, big, exotic birds, parrots, peacocks, pigeons, owls, etc. can be seen in the zoo cages.

Animals like bears, hippopotamuses, ostrich, elephants, and giraffes are the center of attraction. It is exciting to see the lioness walking around.

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The white tiger among the rarest species is available in some zoos. Everyone must go to the zoo once in a lifetime to get a better understanding of animals.

It is quite fun to take pictures of animals at the zoo. Then this is the right time to show your love for animals by sharing animal pictures along with Zoo Captions for Instagram.

Zoo Instagram Captions

  • A “Zoo”per Day
  • A Day Among The Animals
  • A day out in the wild
  • A Long Came a Giraffe
  • A Trunk Full of Fun
  • A visit to the Zoo Landers
  • A Wild And Crazy Place
  • A wild time at the zoo
  • A zoolistic view from the top
  • A Zoo-tiful Day
  • All creatures are great and small
  • All Creatures Great And Small
  • All This Fun is Making My Voice a Little Horse
  • Another busload of Kids! It’s so un-Bear-able.
  • Are We Watching Them or Are They Watching Us?
  • Are you brave enough to be near animal cages?
  • As big as an Elephant

Funny Zoo Captions

  • As blind as a bat
  • As brave as a lion
  • As busy as bees
  • As colorful as a Peacock
  • As free as a bird
  • As gentle as a lamb
  • As graceful as a Giselle
  • As happy as a Hippo
  • As mischievous as a Monkey
  • As playful as a Dolphin
  • As sleepy as a Croc
  • As sleepy as a Koala
  • As sly as a fox
  • As stinky as a skunk
  • As tall as a Giraffe
  • As ugly as Gorilla
  • Awww, Get Otter Here!
  • Be brave like a lion
  • Be kind to animals

Zoo Puns For Instagram

  • Beasty beauty
  • Born to be wild!
  • Busy bee
  • Come On A Safari With Me
  • Completely irr-elephant
  • Don’t feed the animals
  • Don’t Listen to Him; He’s Lion.
  • Don’t worry Owl wait.
  • Dr. do-little
  • Drunk Skunk
  • Eager Beaver
  • Every animal has his or her story.
  • Every Zoo is a Petting Zoo if You’re Brave Enough.
  • Everybody’s Zooing It
  • Explore the jungle creatures

Giraffe Captions For Instagram

  • Feed the Girrafe
  • Feed the Monkey
  • Flamenco party
  • Get Otter here!
  • Giraffing Me Crazy!
  • Going Wild
  • Golden Goose
  • Grin and “Bear” it!
  • Hanging out with the animals
  • Hawkward!
  • Here I am, with my koala-fiction
  • Here, kitty, kitty, kitty
  • Here’s Looking at Zoo
  • Hooting Owl
  • Horsin’ Around
  • How cute; they give me Butterflies
  • How Emusing!
  • Hungary horse

Zoo Quotes For Instagram

  • Hush, The lion is asleep
  • I am all Hares
  • I am here Lion!, Catch me if you can.
  • I am not Amused
  • I have goosebumps
  • I zoo. Do you?
  • I’m Going Ape!
  • If humans were once Apes, am I back where I belong?
  • I’m not food, I swear!
  • It’s a jungle out there

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Cute Zoo Captions For Instagram

  • It’s a zoo here
  • It’s all happening at the zoo
  • It’s UnBEARable!
  • It’s wild and crazy in here
  • It’s a jungle out there.
  • It’s all happening at the zoo.
  • Just a girl who loves animals
  • Just horsin’ around at the zoo.
  • Let sleeping Cat lie
  • Let’s Get Wild!
  • Let’s take a selfish
  • Let’s get wild!
  • Life is a zoo in a jungle.
  • Meet me at the zoo

Zoo Picture Captions

  • Monkey See Monkey Do
  • Monkeying around
  • Mooing mule
  • Need a pet, check at the zoo
  • No Lion, The Zoo Was Grrreat!
  • No Panda-monium
  • Oh, the huge Manatee!
  • Ouch! Hawk-ward.
  • Our Trip Was ZOO-pendous!
  • Owl Hafta Make Another Trip to the Zoo
  • Please, Hold Your Appaws
  • Pretty Peacock
  • Racing an ostrich
  • Roar at the zoo

Clever Zoo Captions

  • Safari game hunt
  • Safari Hunt
  • Safari mode
  • Slippery Eel
  • So much fun it should be Ill-EAGLE
  • So What Are You In For?  Being too wild?
  • Some animals are in the cages while the real beasts rule the world
  • Stand tall like a giraffe
  • Stop Girrafing me.
  • Suburban Safari
  • Such a collection of exotic birds
  • Take a walk on the wild side
  • The city is not a concrete jungle. It is a human zoo. – Desmond Morris
  • The Facts of Animal Life
  • The goose and the gander
  • The picnic was Zoolicious
  • The Seal of approval
  • The wildlife
  • The zoo reunion

Zoo Captions For Instagram

Zoo Captions For Instagram
Zoo Captions For Instagram
  • The Zoo side of life
  • The zoo, The Parallel human Community
  • The Zoo: An excellent place to study the habits of human beings.
  • These Animals are so Cute it’s Un-bear-able
  • They are giraffing me crazy.
  • This animal has the necessary koalafications.
  • This is my Koala-fiction
  • This is pandamonium!
  • This Place Is A Zoo
  • To them, are we the animals?
  • Urban Safari
  • Walk On The Wild Side
  • Want to learn to stunt check the monkeys
  • Watch Out Zoo, Here We Come
  • We met each other on the web
  • Welcome to the animal kingdom
  • Welcome to Zoorassic Park
  • Welcome to Zootopia.
  • Were the wild things are
  • What A Zoo!
  • What are Your Koalafictions?
  • What’s Emu-sing?
  • Where all the wild things are
  • Where the wild things are.
  • Who knew I’d make friends at Zoo
  • Who Knew There’s So Much To Do at the Zoo
  • Wild one
  • Witty Weasel
  • You hippocrite!
  • Your opinion is IrrELEPHANT
  • Zoology 101, don’t blink!
  • Zippitty “Zoo” Da
  • Zoolicious owl-cation

One Word Zoo Instagram Captions

  • Zoo celebrities
  • Zoo chicken
  • Zoo City
  • Zoo keeper
  • Zoo lords
  • Zoo Royals
  • Zookaroos
  • Zoological Garden
  • Zooperstars
  • Zoophilic
  • Zoophobia

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